What is Self Actualization? And why do Self actualized people make better leaders?

The concept of self-actualization

Although the concept of self-actualization was originally discussed by Gestalt psychologist Kurt Goldstein, it is most often associated with humanistic psychology, and psychologist Abraham Maslow, who used self-actualization as the pinnacle of his hierarchy of needs. 

Self-actualisation is at the top of the pyramid. It represents the full realisation of each human’s potential and is much less about happiness or achievement and much more about health and growth.

In my work I am most interested in helping leaders; misfits, innovators, alchemists and creatives, to know themselves, trust themselves and express themselves; living to their fullest potential - without dysregulating their nervous systems and/or burning out.

Reaching self-actualisation involves being true to yourself, achieving inner peace and real-ising your dreams sustainably and enjoyably.

Reaching your unique potential is the ultimate human need and is a core part of being...

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The Anatomy of Self Trust - How to trust yourself more.

Seriously strong self trust.

The three fundamental parts and eight things to implement.

At the core of everything I share about self actualisation there are three key tenets.

  1. Know yourself
  2. Trust yourself
  3. Be yourself

They interlink and are all equally important, but the one thing I hear the most from creative, innovative, intelligent huge hearted misfits is: “I just don’t trust myself to… abc” or  “I just don’t trust myself to not xyz”

  • I just don’t trust myself not to make a bad choice
  • I just don’t trust myself to know what the right choice is
  • I just don’t trust myself if there are biscuits in the house
  • I just don’t just trust myself to say no
  • I just don’t trust myself not to say yes
  • I want to say yes, but I don’t trust myself
If any of these sound familiar, keep reading.

The other ways that self trust issues show themselves are as imposter syndrome, or as a fear of attention seeking, showing off;...

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An introduction to Alchemy. [Part One]

Ebonie Alchemy
An introduction to Alchemy. [Part One]
(This audio is Episode one of my podcast series Tales of Alchemy. To subscribe, go HERE.)

Alchemy at its essence is transmutation of base material into something precious.

Mediaeval Alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, to find the philosopher's stone, the elixir of life and their magnum opus.

In more recent times, the idea of “inner-alchemy” refers to the spiritual process a person goes through in order to transform their lower-mind, or “base-consciousness” of conditioned or mundane thinking into more purified, expanded-consciousness.

When I speak of Alchemy I am talking about inner alchemy. Carl Jung referred to it as individuation. I call it energetic, emotional, spiritual Alchemy or self actualisation.

Spiritual Alchemy is an ancient philosophy that uses the metaphor of transforming metals into gold for attaining 'spiritual enlightenment'.

In my work and in every aspect of my life I use alchemical processes to distil, refine, purify, remove...

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