My Manifesto



The Misfit to Maven Way

This is the Misfit to Maven Way, a manifesto, a code of conduct and a commitment.... 

I love…

fiercely, toughly, tenderly, courageously.

I embrace...


I honour...

 my own and others’ safety, boundaries, uniqueness, and truth.

I choose...

 to live curiously and to recognise and accept both the shadow and the light in all that is.

I believe...

in miracles, in second chances, in ourselves, in equal but different, in being real and wild and true.

I am committed to...

 finding solutions, to deepening my understanding, to keeping the conversation going, to empathy, to compassion, hope and connectedness.

I stand for...

community over competition and participation over perfection.

I speak...

up for what I believe in, even when it’s uncomfortable.

I see...

opportunities, possibilities, perspectives…. and beauty in the little things.

I hear...

a range of voices not just those speaking the loudest.

I look...

for all of what is being said, by everyone. Even when nothing is being said, especially when nothing is being said.

I feel...

connected to my heart, to my soul, to my limitlessness, and to my humanity.

We are the misfits, mystics, geeks, artists, creatives, innovators, intuitives, seers, healers, the minds, and the hearts …

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave, you’ve likely felt overwhelmed and scared by all that is going on in the world right now.

It can be tricky not to focus on the problems.

The wars.
The hate.
The fear.

The destruction of our planet, of our people, our brothers and our sisters, our earth – there is a lot of conflict, fear, disconnection, and disillusionment.

Imagine for a moment a different scenario…

A world where all the biggest hearts, the best brains, the most innovative, creative, soul-led thinkers and action takers have gotten together and talked it all out.


Creatively and collaboratively focusing on solutions to it all.


Imagine for a moment a world with a fairer distribution of wealth, and resources.

Imagine a shift in global consciousness and belief systems where all our brothers and sisters were living respectfully side -by-side.

Where uniqueness was revered.

Where kindness and generosity valued as status is now.

A world were opportunity and possibility were available to all humans regardless of their socioeconomic background, formal education, gender, sexual preference, skin colour, belief system, or physical ability.

A world where each person’s gifts were respected, honoured, and rewarded with the same kudos and recognition.

This world is available to us, if we start to focus on the solution.


If we begin to positively disrupt; if we start a different dialogue.


It begins with a conversation.

The system is antiquated and broken. And we can either contribute to the problems, or we can start thinking differently. We’re all part of this global community and it’s time for us to come together and by talking in this way –openly, kindly, and creatively – we can help inspire and motivate change through disruption.

Positive Disruption is what many of us have been doing alone or in small tribes, but we are so much more powerful when we come together in community and participate. 

Community over competition and participation over perfection is all we need to get this ball rolling…

First comes AWARENESS, then ASPIRATION, then ACCEPTANCE, and only then comes ACTION, followed by ACCOUNTABILITY, ACKNOWLEDGEMENT, APPRECIATION and then (AD INFINITUM) we’re back round at AWARENESS.


It’s an infinity loop; these are the pillars of the Misfit to Maven Way®

I hope that you will join me and become a community of action takers, of kickass and kind motivated misfits and mavens making a difference in this world, by being wild and true.

Its time to WAKE UP, KICKASS, and BE KIND! 

Written by Ebonie A Dec 2016