Choose your own adventure

Less Grow Up More Glow Up!

(with my signature program, Misfit to Maven)


Become full of Yourself...

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Stay Wild. Stay True. Be more you!

The 'Misfit to Maven' Journey

Is for you if you have ever felt like a mis-fit.

Its a 'choose your own adventure' journey where you get to remember who you truly are under the projections and perceptions and decide to accept, love and embrace what you discover!

It's the essential and fundamental 'missing piece' for HSP's, empaths and neurodivergent creatives who want to GLOW UP rather than GROW UP!

You'll get to have the freedom that matters so much to you, AND the belonging you crave, at the same time.

It's no longer an either/or situation.

This is where your competency becomes confidence.

This is where Misfits become Maven.

Take this journey and you'll find peace, satisfaction, recognition and success. You'll create a life as unique and extraordinary as you are, that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside.

Stop merely surviving, it's time for you to thrive.

The adventure that'll activate your full potential

This is a journey like no other, it's the journey of a lifetime. To maturity, to self-actualisation, through self-awareness, alignment, shadow work, and deep self-acceptance. You do not have to change who you are to have the life you desire.

Step One: Empowerment

You'll become able to recognise when you're not operating from a place of Sovereignty; when your personal power is no longer with you, when power leaks have robbed you of your wild and true Soul self, and bring it back with ease.

Step Two: Embodiment

You'll become firm friends with your physical vessel and develop mastery of your body's intelligence. You'll own your magic, your face, your essence, your sensuality, sexuality, unique beauty and wisdom.

Step Three: Full Self-Expression

You'll become fully expressed and generously share your unique expression with the world as the gift that it is. You'll hold firm but flexible boundaries, listen well, speak considerately, and advocate for the Art of Communication. You'll learn how to ask, and receive in reverence and with true reciprocity.

Every good adventure starts with a compass and a map!

 'Misfit to Maven' The Fundamentals

Your Compass + Map =

The Adventure of a Lifetime!


Misfit to Maven is my signature programme and the solid foundation on which you'll build your life of freedom + belonging.


You'll personalise YOUR COMPASS, step into the MAP and then you're off...

With badges to collect, secret levels and side quests to discover, you'll explore the 8 Pillars of Practice, go from ARGH to AHHH and initiate as a Maven.

And don't get it twisted, The Fundamentals are not basics, they are the bliss-point-making markers of stability, freedom, fun and intimacy that you need in your life!


F🤍ck Yes!

More of an Off-piste adventurer?

No map, no worries, get your compass here:

My compass, my rules!

The Value Filter Masterclass is YOUR COMPASS and a prerequisite for working with me. Whichever route you take, once you know what to trust and what to tune out, you'll always be where you want to be.

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From Misfit to Maven.

Growing up is DULL, GLOW UP instead.

Maven Mastery.

Become full of YOURSELF, because who the fuck else should you be full of?

The VOX PASS: Get me in your back pocket, guiding you to stay wild, stay true and be more you!

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