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Maven Numerology

Learn how to decode & embody the secret language of the Universe.

You have the power to decode personalised, specific and important messages from Source about your Soul Contract and learn how to embody it with Maven Numerology.

[Includes certification if you desire.]

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Understand the secrets of the Universe so that you can honour them.

This beautiful self study course demystifies everything from ancient Hermetic principles used by the original Alchemists, to modern day Universal Law for 5D magic makers, so that you can finally put all of the pieces together and honour your incarnation intentions.

28 mini lessons that you'll come back to over and over again. Once you understand the 'rules' anything is possible!


Show me the secrets of the Universe!

Do you lose yourself? Do you know which you is your True Self?

  • If you find yourself controlled by relationships, food, work, love or fear
  • If you wish more than anything you could trust yourself

- this training is for you.

A simple yet powerful model, one audio class, incredibly revealing journal prompts, plus my personal tips for implementation & stabilisation of your True Self.


Show me my True Self!

Know your purpose, receive more love, release what isn't serving you, & manifest your Soul's desire.

Every single one of us has personal power leaks. Whether it's not knowing our purpose, feeling a lack of love, holding on to old stories and patterns or failing to manifest our desires - we all give away our power and need a way to reenergise and reclaim it.

  • 4 modules with workbooks, meditations and audio guide.


I take back my power now!