I have been recognised as a leading Success coach by the Coach Foundation.

I won International coach of the year 2018 by The Coaching Academy.

Read my article The Quality of your life depends entirely on the quality of your relationship with Uncertainty for Sovereign Magazine

Read my article How do I trust myself more? for Brainz magazine.

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"Wise, kind, honest, fun, relatable, strong, open, clever, skillful, magical, bold, brave and beautiful."

“Ebonie strikes a fantastic balance between fun, kind and thought provoking.”

“I am always in a better space, with better energy after talking with her.”

"Fiercely generous with her energy, knowledge and sharing of her experience."

"Peaceful Chaos."

"The mystic, mystique, mystery, that is the magnetic Ebonie."

"Her soul screams LOVE even in her down moments."

"Deeply inquisitive and intuitive" "Calm and calming, soothing, curious, magical, deep."

"Connected to self and divine and the world around her. Generous of herself to the people close to her. Excellent communicator."

"Delivers brutal honesty with absolute love - the only person I go to if I want to hear an uncomfortable truth."

"Vulnerable, open, creative, passionate, brave, bright, kind, shining."

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I am not interested in selling you anything, I would however like to learn more about you and see if I am a good fit for your journey towards self actualisation and continued growth.


When it comes to ROI

I've been in the personal growth space for 25+ years. Over those years I’ve invested in over £200k worth of skills, training + development.

Some courses were ÂŁ30k and amazing, others were ÂŁ30k and an ego show.

Some were ÂŁ1200 and life changing, others were ÂŁ1200 and kinda a waste of time.

I’ve paid for courses on copywriting, marketing, branding, mindset, manifesting, smoke, mirrors and strategy of all kinds.

I’ve also invested in healing, somatic experiencing, journeying, and energy work. Where there was no goal just self discovery & exploration.

Sometimes felt like I saw an immediate ROI, and sometimes the ROI came years later.

All of it contributed to how I see the world, what I notice and who I am becoming as I continue to evolve.

The programs, sessions and containers or portals that moved the needle more than any others were the ones that helped me to fall in love with myself. The ones that excited and scared me. The ones that called me to them and asked me to change.

And sometimes those were the ones where I felt the most triggered, disappointed, let down, unseen or met the most shadowy parts of myself.

Sometimes they were the ones where I completely let go of expectation and just knew I wanted to be in the room.

When I began to fall in love with myself a lot of stuff changed. Shit fell apart but now it continues to fall together in the most aligned way.

Now I give zero fucks about what you think of me and all my fucks are reserved for what I think of me.

Fall in love with yourself and the rest will take care of itself.

My advice for picking someone to assist on your personal, spiritual or professional growth journey is to choose programs & people that make you FEEL ALIVE, that come from love… that are not sold on scarcity and what you lack…

Do the things that will help you fall more in love with yourself, not ones where you feel like you’re signing up because of FOMO.

You lack nothing. You’re perfect just as you are. Trust your process and always go all in.

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I am not interested in selling you anything, I would however like to learn more about you and see if I am a good fit for your journey towards self actualisation and continued growth.

I've trained / worked with:

In the interest of transparency and to honour my teachers and lineage I am sharing some of the teachers and trainers who I have paid to work with and who have influenced my work. This would be pages and pages long if I included everyone, so I have limited it to trainings, workshops or retreats where the learning has really informed or impacted my work.

Virginia Rosenberg (Sky Scholar 1)

Shari Thompson (The Human Design Business Certification: Including The Sovereign Code, Aligned HD Business Strategy & Embodied Energy Abundance Alchemy)

Harriette Jackson (Sourcemind, The Priestess Ring)

mBIT Coach Certification and Master Coach Certification (x2)

Fani Purdy (ENRICH - Human Design for coaches)

Regan Hillyer (Millionaire Mind Intensive, Be Your Brand)

Elizabeth Purvis (The Circle, The Feminine Magic® School of Manifesting)

Nadia Munla (1:1 somatic and embodiment work.)

Lisa Fabrega (High Priestess Circle Mastermind)

Transactional Analysis Diploma

Denise Duffield Thomas (Money Bootcamp, Sacred Money Archetypes.)

Mastin Kipp (Enter the Heart )

T Harv Ecker, Millionaire Mind Intensive

Small Business Coaching Diploma – The Coaching Academy

Personal Performance Diploma – The Coaching Academy

Private Independent Therapy with John Mullinder who specialises in the treatment of depression, anxiety, abuse, eating disorders, phobias, stress, relationship problems, obsessions & low confidence. Using a combination of cognitive therapy, hypnotherapy, positive therapy, NLP, schema therapy & psychotherapy techniques

Shadow Work® Weekend

Woman Within® Weekend

Woman Within® Staffing + Facilitator Training

'Libido Fundamentals' 5Rhythms® workshop with Andrea Juhan

Private therapy Independent Cognitive Analytic Therapy(CAT) with Annalee Curran

IYN accredited Hatha Yoga Teacher Training with Nigel Gilderson + Chris Gladwell

Reiki Level Two, Reiki Level One

MythoSelf® Process by Joseph Riggio, with Sam Riordan + Jon Nicoll

I have also worked with and learned from (in no particular order).... Hilary Adrain Han, Ben Joseph Stewart, Jamie Catto, Kaypacha, Katya Varbanova, Jane Copeland, Gemma Went, Sigrun Gudjonsdottir, Amanda Loveland, Lisa Lister, AJ Amyx, Jacob Sokol, Julie Hall, Juliette Clancy, Matthew Hussey, Matt Thomas, Gareth Riddy, Louise Carron Harris, Meghan Field, Sat Siri, Ali Gilling, Michael Maisey, Jeremiah Abrahams, Liz Remande-Guyardand and my mentor and father; Alain Allard.

I have been a long-term student of the 5 Rhythms®️, Shadow Work®️, Movement meditation, Kundalini, Qoya, Hatha + Sivananda yoga, Pilates, Fasting, Astrology and Spiritual Buddhism.

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I am not interested in selling you anything, I would however like to learn more about you and see if I am a good fit for your journey towards self actualisation and continued growth.

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