This Sacrosanct Life


What in your life do you hold truly valuable, sacred, important and hallowed?

In this new podcast series I am exploring self actualisation and mysticism through the lens of what we actually deem valuable, important, reverend, and sacred to us.

What are we devoting our lives to?

My guests and I look at the choices we are making in our lives.

The impact of learned and unlearned behaviour, patterns, routines, rituals, and disciplines.

This podcast is about examining Empowerment, Embodiment and Full Self Expression.

It's about being more wild and true. It's about reclaiming the childlike awe and respect for all aspects of life.

It's about finding reverence in our reality and magic in the mundane.

My hope is that these conversations inspire you to make choices that result in a life of less expectations and conditioning and more conscious joy.


Fall really, truly, deeply

in Love with Life again

Transform your shadows. Embrace the mess. Colour outside the lines.




Uncover what actually matters to you.

How you spend your time, energy and money shows us what you actually value, right?

  • What is truly important to you?
  • Why is it important?
  • Are you spending enough of your life on the stuff you actually give a shit about?
  • Discover new perspectives and realities.

Enjoy life with renewed reverence.

Episode #1

Tapping into your Own Inner Sacred Space with Annemiek Van Helsdingen

Episode #2

Nourishing Grief with Nicola Duffell

Episode #3

Your life is the Medicine with Jessica Lewis

Hi love...

I'm your host, Ebonie Alchemy.

I'm an Alchemist. An International Award Winning Master Coach. A Facilitator, Author, and Artist. I’ve been in the Personal Development, Creativity and Entrepreneurship spaces all of my life and my work although varied all focuses on Empowerment Embodiment and Full Self Expression.

I’m also a sister, a friend, a lover, an ENFJ, and a Manifesting Generator. With Sagittarius rising, I’m a Leo sun, and Sagittarius moon Neurodivergent wildling. 

I’m a mystic, Priestess, Medicine Woman, pussycat mermaid - and I split my time between hyperfocus and daydreaming…

When I’m not working or creating you’ll find me splashing about in the sea, curled up in a sunny spot or off chasing a rainbow.



This podcast is for you if you are a seeker, a creator, a wildly peaceful and yet ambitious liminal being.

Its for you if you question who you truly are, and whats really important to you.

Its for you if you want to have your worldview stretched and challenged and if you enjoy the place where philosophy and embodied integration meet.

Its for you if you want to be  more empowered, embodied and more fully self expressed.

The 'After Hours' bit... 

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