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How Human Design helps Neurodivergent Folk Redefine Success.

Aug 15, 2023

Typically our definition of success is predetermined by societal norms, leaving neurospicy people like us feeling disconnected and alienated. 

Learning and embodying the wisdom of your unique operating system, in this instance as laid out by your Human Design can empower us to redefine success on our own terms and thrive in a world not designed for us.

Changing The Definition of Success:

Success is a highly individual and subjective concept that varies greatly from person to person. For neurodivergent folk, who possess unique perspectives and cognitive abilities, traditional success markers may not align with our strengths and aspirations. Instead of conforming to these highly outdated norms, I believe that it is crucial for us to explore alternative definitions of success that focus on personal growth, fulfilment, meaningful relationships, and overall well-being.

Finding Clarity through Human Design:

Human Design (a spiritual science system) combines Astrology, the I Ching, the Kabbalah, the Chakra System, and Quantum Physics to reveal each individual's unique energetic blueprint. There are five auric types in Human Design which talk to how your energy is designed to interact with the world. Beyond that there are 12 profiles which talk to your personality and role within the community. Further still we get to look at your definition, centres, circuitry and then bring it all together to get your unique map.

In getting your chart and beginning your Human Design experiment you are offered deep insights into your inherent design and unique path to evolution, authenticity, and fulfilment. 

The first piece to really get, and embody is TYPE. The five types include Manifestors, Generators, Manifesting Generators, Projectors, and Reflectors, each with their distinct aura and strategy for alignment and decision-making.

Embodying Your Type and Strategy:

While Human Design offers many layers of understanding, it is essential to first grasp and embody the fundamentals of your type. 

For Manifestors, who are natural initiators, success comes from openly communicating your intentions, collaborating with others, and trusting your inner impulses. 

Generators are the life force of society, you get to find success by engaging in activities that ignite your passions and interests, leading to sustainable energy and satisfaction.

Manifesting Generators, with our multi-passionate nature, excel in iterative processes and finding synthesis in various endeavours. We can redefine success by embracing variation, initiating projects, and involving others in the creative process. 

For Projectors, who possess deep insights and guidance, success lies in recognizing your own authority, waiting for invitations, and focusing on self-care.

Lastly, Reflectors. You are rare individuals with amplified sensitivity. You get to find success by prioritizing your well-being and creating a harmonious environment that nurtures your unique insights.

Redefining Success on Your Terms:

By understanding and embodying our Human Design, neurodivergent individuals can stop trying to fit into conventional success markers and instead unlock our unique potential. 

When success becomes aligned with personal growth, self-expression, meaningful relationships, and overall well-being it becomes something we can engage with more easily..

As a late diagnosed auDHDer this is all very close to home and my work these days is a blend of Human Design, Values work, Embodiment Practices and Alchemy that allow neurodivergent’s to find self-acceptance, (maybe even fall in love with themselves) and find aligned and easy success.

It is my pleasure to guide people back to their embodied intelligence so that they make decisions based on their authentic selves and create a life that honours their true nature.

In a world designed for the typical, the pursuit of success when we are anything but is challenging. But, by uncovering the wisdom of your unique Human Design and embodying your wild and true self you get to redefine success on your own terms and re-engage with life in a way that is rewarding and sustaining. 

Misfit’s, Divergents, and non typicals of all types get to choose their own adventure and pick paths that align with their authentic selves by really getting to know, trust and like themselves.

True fulfilment comes from living a life that feels as good on the inside as it perhaps looks on the outside, is as unique and extraordinary as you are and resonates with your unique strengths, values, and purpose. 

Once you understand the 'rules' of your operating system, creating your own user manual becomes easy. 

Want to get started today?

Get your Misfit to Maven EMBODY YOUR HUMAN DESIGN - chart and report for free HERE.

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