'The Manual Of Me®️'

Create your very own user manual

The 'Manual of Me®️' has been a long time coming.

The questions, exercises and processes are result of 8+ years of coaching hundreds of unconventional 'Misfits' just like you. 

This magical, beautiful and comprehensive book contains everything you need in order to know, like and trust yourself and build a personal and professional life that is as unique and extraordinary as you are... all without the price-tag of 1:1 coaching!


Discover the exercises that I use with my VIP clients. Get your hands on the exact questions and insights that have changed the lives of hundreds of Misfits, Creatives, Artists, Healers, Helpers and Neurodiverse Mavens like you!

The Manual of Me®️ is available as a limited edition physical book. It is an exec size desk diary: 180 x 240mm. It has a teal faux leather cover, gilded edging and three colourful ribbons all secured with an elastic tie.

The Manual comes with exclusive access to an online portal of resources; extra downloads, videos and audio content that all adds real depth to your experience.

*You can also purchase the manual 'just' as a digital download. (Scroll to the bottom of this page)

** The online portal will have more content added to it regularly and you'll have the opportunity to get your specific questions answered.


Whenever I coached people I would say "Thats one for your your Manual of Me®️' - and get them to write down what we discovered.

Now instead of storing these notes in one of many notebooks, on a scrap of paper or yet another post it note, you get to collect and collate all of the magic that makes you, you!

(and maybe even share it with a loved one, so that they can understand you better.)

Sample Pages.

Ready to understand yourself on a whole new level?

The 'Manual of Me' Digital Version.

(Editable on your laptop, tablet, desktop or even your phone probably.)

Maybe you live in Ghana, or the Outer Hebrides and don't trust the postal service, or maybe you just prefer filling these kinds things in digitally...

I got you covered.

This digital version weighs a lot less and takes up less space on your desk or in your bag.

It comes with access to all the online resources too and if I make any updates in the future you'll be notified of them.

LIVE events 2023

The Manual of Me LIVE experience includes 5-6 hours in person with Ebonie, plus your limited edition physical book, and access to the online portal of resources; extra downloads, videos and audio content that all add real depth to your experience.

The Manual is £88

1:1 with Ebonie starts at £444 an hour.

Come join us for the Manual of Me LIVE for just £250

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