Self-love: the anatomy of confidence

confidence self love Aug 11, 2021

 “You can’t be more than the personal self image you hold of yourself at any time”

T Harv Eker

Self love is often presented as bubble baths and rose petals, pedicures and massages at day spas while wearing fluffy robes. 

These are of course lovely things that someone who loves themselves might absolutely do, but doing these things won’t in and of itself lead to self love.

In fact self-love is achieved through developing self confidence and raising self esteem.

In our initial chats many of the people I speak to tell me that if they just felt more confident, or if they could just get more confidence – that they would make more money, be more successful in their businesses, feel more satisfied in their relationships and like themselves more.

But here’s the thing, liking yourself does not come as a result of ‘being confident.’

Choosing to develop confidence allows you to learn & choose who you are and incrementally become...

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