What's holding you back?

beliefs mindset Aug 16, 2021
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What's holding you back?


What is holding you back from having the courage and confidence to be, do and have it all - in your own unique and extraordinary way?

You’re probably not going to like what I have to say, but I am known for my no BS approach. I prefer to give it to you straight. I see it as my job to cheerlead and challenge you to be the best human you can be and to live your best life. So, I’m kickass and kind, and I’m going to give you the truth.

The truth is that the reason you aren’t living the life of your dreams is because of a great big laundry list of excuses, most of which fall into one of four camps:

  1. Doubts
  2. Fears
  3. Your need to be in Control
  4. Limiting stories and beliefs

Sounds simple right?

Well, just because it's simple, doesn't mean its easy.

Let's imagine that you want to leave your boring job, or your unstimulating relationship, or start your own photography business. Or maybe you want to sell your art , retrain as a teacher, or help people conquer their...

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