An introduction to Alchemy. [Part One]

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An introduction to Alchemy. [Part One]
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Alchemy at its essence is transmutation of base material into something precious.

Mediaeval Alchemists sought to turn lead into gold, to find the philosopher's stone, the elixir of life and their magnum opus.

In more recent times, the idea of “inner-alchemy” refers to the spiritual process a person goes through in order to transform their lower-mind, or “base-consciousness” of conditioned or mundane thinking into more purified, expanded-consciousness.

When I speak of Alchemy I am talking about inner alchemy. Carl Jung referred to it as individuation. I call it energetic, emotional, spiritual Alchemy or self actualisation.

Spiritual Alchemy is an ancient philosophy that uses the metaphor of transforming metals into gold for attaining 'spiritual enlightenment'.

In my work and in every aspect of my life I use alchemical processes to distil, refine, purify, remove stagnancy, and reveal the potency and potential at my core and I share these with you so that you may too.

Using a variety of tools, practises, and experiences this alchemy is used to achieve contentment, satisfaction, fulfilment and nourishment.

By becoming more aware of our patterns, beliefs, wounds, fears, and desires we decondition ourselves and release the inauthentic parts, transforming shadows and transmuting the heavy base ‘lead’ into gold.

Understanding our common yet unique essence and returning to our wildish true state through spiritual, emotional and energetic alchemy allows for self-actualisation and spiritual ‘enlightenment'

Studies and practises such as martial arts, yoga, tantra, and other ‘temple arts’ are our tools to cultivate our inner Chi or elemental fire, purifying and elevating both the body and the mind.

Much of my work “burns” through old beliefs and patterns, allowing you to return to your true light or essence within.


The alchemical vessel is a space that contains the transformation. The container might be a 1:1 session, a group experience, a retreat, a program or a held space. The physical practises form only a part of the process, the vessel is created by relationship and commitment.

Taken symbolically, Alchemy is about turning the lower primitive aspects of the self into a purified state. To illuminate the darkness with a sense of value or meaning. Making conscious what is unconscious. This ‘becoming whole’ is the process Jung called Individuation.

One of the key conditions for alchemical transformation was a hermetically sealed vessel that could withstand the pressure necessary to synthesise base elements; that prima materia into gold. I’d like to propose that ‘commitment is that container.

Like the alchemical crucible commitment is the vessel in which something raw and undisciplined can be transformed into something valuable. Commitment is like a womb in which a new life can grow. It is hermetically sealed so that nothing extraneous can enter into the process.

Extract from the book ‘Belonging - Remembering ourselves home.’ By Toko-Pa Turner

(which is one of the set texts covered in "Sacrosanct" my training, development and initiation for Priestesses, Shamanic, Modern Mystics and Medicine Women.)

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