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mbraining Jul 19, 2021

The crossover between art and science has long fascinated me and more recently the intersection between art, science and spirituality has had me diving down rabbit holes of information and new discoveries.


This article is part three of three in a series of blogs exploring the intersection between science and spirituality, focusing specifically on the brain and now brains...

On one of my jaunts down an internet rabbit hole, following my curiosity and intuition, I stumbled upon mbraining, and I instantly knew I needed to find out more. Within hours of discovering the art and science of multiple brain integration  I had signed up to do the mBit coach training.

What are mBit and mBraining?

mBraining, developed by Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka coaches you in aligning your multiple brains for greater wisdom, success and happiness in a world of greater and greater change. It is the process of integrating your multiple brains for specifc outcomes.

mBit (multiple Brain Integration Techniques) enable us to establish communication with our multiple brains, ensure each brain is operating from its highest expression and then apply that highest expression for greater wisdom in decision-making and action-taking.

It is a technology arisen as the result of vast and diverse divergent sources with conclusively convergent themes. Bringing together neuroscience, behavioural modelling, cognitive-linguistics, esoteric, spiritual and intuitive data, mbraining gives us the tools to use integrate and use our multiple brains to do cool stuff.

This is where neuroscience meets ancient wisdom! Informed by the latest Neuroscience findings, along with techniques and concepts from Positive Psychology, Cognitive Linguistics, Behavioural Modelling and NLP, mbrainig gives us the tools to align our head, heart and gut brains resulting in fully integrated creativity, compassion and courage. It is the ultimate tool for a Maven wanting to WAKE UP, KICKASS and BE KIND!

So what makes it a brain?

A brain in this context is defined as a complex functional adaptive neural network.

Like the brain in our head, the cardiac and enteric brains have the following characteristics:

  • Large numbers of neurons and ganglia, including sensory neurons and motor neurons.
  • Neural cells with inter-neurons, neurons reentrantly interconnecting in complex ways with other neurons.
  • Support cells such as glias, astrocytes, proteins etc
  • Functional attributes; perceiving / assimilating information, processing information, memory storage and access, neural plasticity and adaptiveness (the ability to learn.)
  • Able to mediate complex reflexes via an intrinsic nervous system (ie doesn’t need the head to direct it, functions even in the complete absence of the head brain.   
  • A chemical warehouse of neurotransmitters (those found in the head are also found in the gut and head brains.)

These complex neural networks display amazing levels of functional ‘intelligence’ and there is a growing array of evidence that these ‘brains’ are deeply involved in the control and processing of numerous neural functions and core behavioural competencies.

Are we saying the gut or the heart brain can stand alone?

No – of course not. The body is a complex, integrated whole. It is a universe, within a universe, within a universe and yet the level of autonomy of our ‘brains’ is much greater than science ever believed before now.

Integrating and aligning our three brains is the ideal situation to ensure a deep, authentic, intrinsically healthy and happy life. mBraining allows us, from a coherent, congruent and balanced state, to easily access a new higher level of emergent wisdom.

When we have our multiple brains working synergistically with one another, the resulting impact is far greater than the sum of the three brains on their own.

Tell me more!!


So, we have at least three brains – the head, or cephalic brain that you were already aware of, the heart (cardiac) and gut (enteric) brains, which you may also have been intuitively been aware of as wisdom centres, but probably haven’t called brains before.

Each brain has three core functions, we’re not saying that these functions are limited to this particular brain only, as the cephalic brain has approximately 86 billion neurons it is far more complex and is involved in everything to some level. That said, each neural network has its key drivers:

The gut’s are:

  • Mobilisation 
  • Self preservation
  • Core identity

Our heart brain’s core functions are:

  • Emoting
  • Relational affect
  • Values

And then our head brain assimilates and makes meaning. Its core functions are:

  • Cognitive perception
  • Thinking
  • Making meaning

In order to work effectively with our three brains and their prime functions we must first understand the Autonomic Nervous System and how to calibrate which brain is communicating with regard to a specific topic or situation.

Much of this calibration is done via our language.Things you hear everyday are actually signals from your multiple brains.

Language of the Head Brain

‘I can’t get my head around it.’

‘I think we’re headed in the right direction.’

‘I’m just about keeping my head above water.’

‘I can’t get it out of my head’

The Language of the Heart Brain

‘My heart is just not in it.’

‘She wears her heart on her sleeve’

‘I’ve got my heart set on it.’

‘It made my heart sing!’

The Language of the Gut Brain

‘Trust your gut’

‘I have got butterflies in my stomach

‘I haven’t got the guts to do it’

‘Well, that’s food for thought.”

Interesting huh!?

Very often when we are ‘stucking’ or feeling confused, overwhelmed, stuck or stagnant around a particular issue or situation it’s because our multiple brains aren’t in alignment. The mBIT Roadmap, tools and techniques allow us to align our brains and access their wisdom in a particular order, enabling us to feel aligned, integrated and move forward where before we could not. 

I love mBraining! It’s such a gentle yet hugely powerful complement to everything that I already have in my toolbox. Not only that but it sits so comfortably alongside my own spiritual beliefs, enabling me to grow and evolve in all areas of my life.

You can watch an interview with Grant Soosalu about mBraining video here

There are two more 'brains' both of which are complex functional adaptive neural networks, but science has yet to establish the same level of autonomous function needed for them to be recognised like the head, heart and gut.

That said, the ANS (autonomic nervous system) and the pelvic brain play a HUGE part in how we process the world. 

The Master Coach status that I hold comes from my studies in this particular area. I have completed the comprehensive Master Coach mBit training twice. First in June 2019 and then again in September 2022. The first time my focus was on taking in all the information about the hugely complex nervous system that I possibly could. Th second time I focused on the autonomic nervous system through the lens of Neurodivergence.

Learning how to recognise and work with the subtleties of how each individual body communicates autonomic dysfunction, dysregulation and its trauma is something that I am hugely passionate about understanding and helping every single one of us heal.

All of my work, courses and programs are infused with this incredibly magical knowledge.


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