Leo Season, The 8-8 Portal, Lionsgate.

astrology Aug 08, 2022

Q: I keep hearing people talk about ‘Leo Season’ and the lion's gate portal. What are they all about?

A: This is a wonderful question. The lion's gate portal is a big day for Numerology and astrology peeps and a time of year when we get to look at our Self and the Self we want to be!

Each year between July 28 and August 12, the Lion's Gate portal (which is said to be a rare window between the spiritual and physical worlds) opens as the Earth, the star ‘Sirius’ and the Sun move into complete alignment with the pyramids of Giza (Egypt).

The 8th of August is considered the official activation day, and that is when the sun and Sirius move closest to earth and align with Orion's belt.

Leo energy is linked to the Sun (ego, self-identity, soul path) and to the 5th house (The House Of Pleasure & Creativity.) This time and Leo season (roughly July 22 to August 22 every year) is when the sun is in its natural home of Leo and while there, it offers us its energy as spiritual weather for us to move and live through.

Its energy is bold, authoritative, and confident. Leo season brings themes of specialness, uniqueness, creativity, self expression, self consciousness, fun, humour, adventure, generosity, self investment, power, legacy, childlike wonder, vanity, humility and needing support to shine… to all of us.

As with all astrological energies it depends on your specific placements as to how much each season impacts or affects you. Most of us feel Leo season though because it impacts our ego and our relationship to our Self.

The Lions gate in my personal opinion gives us an opportunity to make a nodal leap in our own personal journey of evolution and growth as a spiritual being having a physical incarnation experience. How I have always explained this portal specifically is that it's like we have these two timelines open up in front of us once a year, where we can choose to let go of our Self and ego as we know them and level up.

This means letting go of everything that no longer serves us, our patterning, or the old ways of being and behaving that we do not need in our next level. We can choose to let go of people. We can let go of our ways of thinking. We can let go of our past dictating our future and level up; taking everything that we've learned into a new level.

That new level will look the same, sound the same, and in terms of your daily experience it’ll be the same BUT its a new frequency and you aren’t the same, you now have a whole load of tools and experiences under your belt that you get to use without the old ‘baggage.’ And although everything looks the same on the surface, there will be a new level of learning and challenges to experience. New lessons to learn, new assignments, new reflections playing out for your growth and your enjoyment.

OR, you can go through the other portal and essentially replay this level, with the same old cycles, ways of thinking and being. Maybe at a Soul level we choose this option because we haven't learned our current lesson yet. Or maybe we want another go at living this frequency from our latest set point of self. Neither is better or worse, but if you want new stuff, if you’re done learning these particular lessons, declare it now! As this gate swings open, we're swept over the threshold into a place where anything is possible, where transformation is really available to you in, in an infinite and limitless way.

‘The Lion’s Gate’ is a really powerful portal, you get to use it to manifest any and everything if you embody the Leo traits of courage, boldness, strength, and creative expression. It's an opportunity for you to step into confidence, to step into self-expression and to live boldly from the heart.

That is what this landscape is for. Stepping into your heartland.

It can come up as a really uncomfortable experience, and it can also be quite a profound and powerful one.

This is an Alice in Wonderland moment...

Will you drink the potion?

Will you grow really big?

Will you grow really small?

Will you transform?

You get this kind of drink me, eat me and change moment.

How will you use it?

These portals are transformative, exciting times and moments for us to step into another us..

And with that change, with that transformation there is often fear.

Fear of the unknown, fear of leaving things behind, fear of being rejected, and you might feel tired. You might feel emotional, you might feel…weird.

It's really important to give yourself some downtime, to drink more water, to engage with things that light you up that fill you with energy and allow that energy to fuel your transformation.

If you'd like to talk to me about this energy or any other portal of transformation that you might be experiencing, get in touch with me via whatsapp.

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