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For when you're feeling wobbly, unsure, overwhelmed or uncertain and want to be a more kickass and kind Maven.

Your Signature Frequency

Overcome overwhelm, relax into an embodied, values-led place and return to the frequency of your signature, soul self with this free 20-minute elemental journey meditation

Get your 101 Journal Prompts

For well-being, Creativity, Clarity and Personal Growth.

101 Journal Prompts

This beautifully designed prompt book comes with 101 journal prompts to aid your morning practice and help you connect with your higher self through creative and free writing..

Sample Prompts:

  • Where am I leaking power or giving my power away? What powers me up?
  • The things that block me from loving myself fully are.... Can I embrace or accept these things?
  • What does my inner critic tell me? Why are they wrong?

So Over Overwhelm?

The Misfit's Guide to Living Your Best Life

Discover the framework to overcoming overwhelm!

Are you drowning in the sea of overwhelm, feeling stuck and unsure of your direction? Embark on a transformative journey with this completely FREE, life-changing workshop! Unveil the powerful strategies to regain control, unlock your potential, and embrace a life of clarity, focus, and progress.

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45 Soft: A Devotional Practice

This very playful 45-day 'challenge' is not about discipline, it's about devotion; gently coming home to and appreciating your softness.

This is for you if you are habitually hard on yourself.

Facilitated by me, but led by you and supported by an honour guard of incredible new and old friends.

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