Alchemy Accelerated™

 One to one coaching and facilitation for Neurospicy Leaders & Founders

Distill, Refine, purify, and fortify your essential self; become the wildest, truest version of you so that you get to effortlessly flourish and thrive!



Six Month Private Coaching + Facilitation Packages 

I offer six month transformation packages. Deep Dive Immersions. VIP Days and in-person Retreats for (diagnosed or undiagnosed) Neurospicy leaders and founders.

The alchemy that we do together will help you to recognise and realise your magic, as well as identify your blind spots so that you might get support in a way that activates your magnetism rather than dims your light!

Everything we do together is so that you confidently and joyfully get to bring your liminal and unique magic to the world, without burning out!

These are available online, or in Sussex, Somerset or Alicante.

From Misfit to Maven.

Growing up is DULL, let's GLOW UP instead.

This is my signature coaching package; where we'll go through the 8 Pillars of Practice that make up The Misfit to Maven Way, and get your Fundamentals sorted.

Tried and tested, over 1000 curious, complex, creative, courageous and conscientious weirdos and misfits just like you have taken this journey. Its the journey of a lifetime, you'll discover the map all FREEDOM and BELONGING seeking MISFITS need to become self-actualised.

Deeply transformational and FUN this journey will not only impact your life in the very best ways imaginable but also create healing change for 7 generations before and after you.

This is for the legacy makers and cycle breakers. The innovators, trailblazers, healers, dream chasers, digital nomads, polymaths, activists and artists.

This is for you if your inner child is running the show and you know it's time to Adult the F♥ck up.

Includes access to M2M: The Fundamentals + Your Compass: The Value Filter (£997.)

Investment £7777 or seven payments of £1111 + VAT

Explore what you're FULL of.

If you know yourself pretty well and are ready to step into Self Mastery we'll explore your Kismet Codes.

Maven Mastery is where you become full of yourself and live a truly AWE-some Life.

You'll come to understand and become full of yourself. You'll embody your unique Human Design. (We'll probably also explore a little Numerology / Astrology / Elemental Shamanism / mBit.)

The moment you were born is the moment you transmuted from light into matter, and your birth date, time, and place info hold key data to your unique incarnation intentions and what you are FULL OF.

We'll explore your operating system, your patterns and conditioning and alchemise it all so that you are truly operating from a place of empowered, embodied self-mastery.

These sessions take place on Zoom, you'll get approximately 12 sessions over 6 months. Plus unlimited Whatsapp and 6 months access to The Kismet Codes (£997)

Investment £7777 or seven payments of £1111 + VAT

Me in your back pocket.

Guiding you to stay wild, stay true and be more you!

The VOX PASS coaching option is perfect if you want to have me on your support team for quick-fire check-ins. Most people who go for this option are personal growth veterans, seasoned business owners, or familiar with this format of conversation and enjoy the flexibility.

With 25+ years of personal development, spiritual connection, and business experience there is nothing off limits and every topic is fair game. 

Unlimited but reasonable Whatsapp / Telegram access to me.

Perfect for pattern breaking, getting out of unhelpful thought loops, seeing a different perspective, and having me on your team to challenge and cheerlead you in a mature and intimate way.

Investment £3333 or 6 payments of £555.50 + VAT


Please note: Once you have completed a six month initiation package, ongoing or one-off options, are available at discounted rates.

*Please note VAT is applicable from June 1st 2024

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Or... you can choose to experience

One of my bespoke Intimate Immersions

Option one: 


You’ll finish your project (book, reading, writing, recording) while being fed, watered and walked.

Your cosy, comfortable, restful, sensual, intentional immersion experience awaits…

Get in touch to chat about what you need to get the project finished, and I’ll facilitate exactly that for you… ritual, coaching, magic, space, adventures or rest all included.

Investment: £650 + VAT (Thurs-Sunday, accommodation + one meal a day included)

Option two:  


For years Very Intense Process Days have been my zone of genius. My gift of alchemy is activated in person. Magic happens - your shadow shit transmutes into pure gold.

Whilst many other coaches and facilitators of my calibre and experience choose to scale out of 1:1, I choose to keep these offers a staple as I LOVE them!

Please note: I only work with people who aren't looking for me to save them. People who want to be held and facilitated through a death and rebirth portal of transmutation or metamorphosis.

I will lovingly extract your emotional or energetic 'splinters' and show you your blind spots. Together we'll adventure into the underworld. I'll hold your hand, and your hair while you heal. I facilitate, but the 'work' is yours to do.

I host these intimate, bespoke one-to-one VIP Accelerator Days & Mini Retreats, or immersion experiences in Spain, near Alicante. These include Ritual, Ceremony, and medicine of many kinds.

They are intense experiences. Application is required to make sure you are in the correct place to be making this journey or enquiry. While this work is deeply therapeutic, it is not a substitute for therapy.

Investment: £3333 + VAT includes accommodation

Self-actualisation gets to be FUN and profound. If you want to meet and fall in love with your wild and true self, fill in the form below today!

Option three:  


This option is where we find YOUR COMPASS (your Value Filter) and create your MAP. This option has been changing lives for the last 10 years!

No matter how long you have been doing personal development work, or running a business having me look at the foundations you are building on will always create something more stable, more flexible and more rewarding for you.

There is always more intimacy and resource available. In order to fully self-actualise you get to look at it all with a fresh perspective.

We explore your unique genius and get to the root of what's stopping or blocking you from living to your greatest potential and being your brightest, boldest most badass self!

These are intense life-changing experiences that will pay dividends for years to come.

Application is required to make sure you are in the correct place to be making this journey or enquiry.

I host these VIP days/immersions in the UK, at a hotel or venue where we can talk, walk, plot and plan. (Usually Sussex or Somerset.)

Investment: £3333 + VAT

Self-actualisation gets to be FUN and profound. If you want to meet and fall in love with your wild and true self, fill in the form below today!

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Empowered, Embodied, and fully Expressed.

Accelerated Adventure + Magnetised Money + Catalysed Connection


On the other side of our journey together is a place where you feel fully empowered, are grounded and present in your body and are able to experience the true pleasures of intimate relating. A place where you love both your ego and your soul self and can move between them at will. You know yourself well enough to articulate your needs & get them met healthily. A place that allows you to be fully resourced and authentically expressed. Confident in who you are and able to share your specific medicine with the world, professionally and personally in the exact right ratios for you.

Why make the investment in GLOW UP or FULL OF YOURSELF?

Investing in yourself in this way will pay dividends for the rest of your life!

  • You'll get really clear on who you really are and what you're here for so that you pick and stick to goals that are in alignment and therefore reach them quickly.

  • You'll come to understand your unique core wounds and patterns that lead to self sabotage so that you can identify when you're in your ‘not self’, and stop,

  • We'll identify your blind spots and the places where you limit yourself. So that you can up-level with ease. (You can't do this alone.)

  • Your self confidence will increase 10-fold, as you real-ise where your undeniable magic lies so that you effortlessly attract more success, peace, satisfaction and delight.

  • You'll access the frequency of ease and flow. Hustle and hard work leads to burnout which is not sustainable or enjoyable.

  • You'll GLOW UP and initiate into the next level of maturity so that you're able to hold yourself and others in equanimity.

  • You'll become FULL OF YOURSELF and self actualise into a deeper truer version of your essence so that you feel a sense of freedom that no money on earth can buy.

Together we can activate magic in any area of your life - personal or professional. Whether you want increased intimacy, or increased resource, I can help, and make it FUN!

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Alchemy Accelerated™

One to one coaching and facilitation for neurospicy leaders and founders.

Recognise, distill, purify, process, purge, heal, replenish and fortify your unique medicine.

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All my sessions are by application. Often by referral, please do let me know if you were sent here by a friend. Your experience will be tailored to your exact needs so please do give me as much detail as feels appropriate.

Genuine enquiries only.