Alchemy Accelerated™

 Pay As You Go Sessions -  3 month Packages - VIP days

1 month PAYG 

Whether its a traditional 'coaching' / mentoring session, a Value Filter Session, a Numerology deep dive, an exploration of your Human Design, an ego death / life transition or simply a Medicine Woman / Priestess Perspective on something; sometimes you just want to dip your toe in and pay as you go.

Your sessions can be used to talk something through, to be guided on a multiple brain integration experience, to brainstorm, strategise, pick my brain or something else altogether.

Maybe you've done one of my self study courses and you want some 1:1 support, maybe you want me to come and teach in your space. Maybe you want me to speak on your stage, or maybe you're after a mini intensive.

This offer is for roughly 2 hours of my time on zoom plus one month of unlimited Whatsapp, or me creating a class or 'Priestess Report' for you.

If you're not sure, fill in the form below and let's chat.

£600 -1200

(Tailored to you and your needs.)

Glow Up

For a long time 'Adulting' and helping people get their shit together was my thing. Now though I am more interested in helping you GLOW up than GROW up.

My 1:1 packages start with a 3 month commitment. I also offer 6 months and occasionally 12 months. You'll get zoom sessions, priority booking on my calendar and unlimited whatsapp access.

I work with a very limited number of people at any one time, and my 1:1 is for you if you are looking to step into trust and surrender in a bigger way. If you're looking for deeper meaning and are ready to embody your purpose in a sustainable and FUN way.

Clients use these sessions for a huge range of professional and personal - I am available for all of it, always. I'm here to support you in looking at your stories and patterns and helping you alchemise your shit into gold.

I work on multiple planes, the intellectual, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

Your 'Glow Up' experience follows my 8 Pillars of practice and is built on The Value Filter System. I also include integration of your Numerology, Human Design and Astrology on request.

Starting at £3333

Very Intense Process Days

VIP days or bespoke immersions are my favourite way to work with you.

These are highly personalised and include elements of empowerment, embodiment and full self expression. You'll get your Value Filter and your personalised blueprint - which we can then dive into deeper.

We can work through any of the self study content in person, put together a personalised strategy or plan that has the right ratios of static + dynamic energy and works with your human blueprint and your Value Filter™.

We can explore shadow work, medicine and / or what embodying more multiple brained coherence would bring to your life.

We consciously collaborate in opening a transformational portal. This is an intimate experience in alchemy as we transmute your shadow shit into personal gold.

These experiences 'pay dividends' for years to come.

Can be in person or online, half day or up to 3 days and Includes one month follow up access via whatsapp.

From £2222 - £6666


Be my BFF with a Vox Pass

Don't want to spend time with me intensively but want me on the end of whatsapp for voicenotes, messages and quick fire check-ins?

Totally possible.

For £444 a month you get unlimited but reasonable Whatsapp / Telegram access to me.

(Minimum three month commitment.)

Discover who you REALLY are. 

We'll bend time & space to go on a journey through portals together, warping the cosmos & exploring timelines to reveal & reclaim your wild magic essence & your playful adventurous purpose.

Calling on tantric Maven Numerology, esoteric astrology, modern alchemy, multiple brain integration, human design, NLP, breath work, embodiment practices, art-alchemy, shamanism, channelling, and some good old fashioned chats, shits and giggles we'll find the medicine you seek and wash it down with a spoon full of sugar!

Intense doesn't mean scary 

For years one to one and Very Intense Process Days were my staple. They are my genius. Something magic happens - in person, getting to know you intimately and helping you alchemise your shadow shit into gold.

For a while, as I grew my business(es) I got swept up in 'more is more' culture and I stopped working 1:1 in favour of group programs, community and pursuing what I thought was a wider impact.

2021 saw me course correct in a big way, retiring from traditional patriarchal coaching, letting of my business of 11 years and returning to my roots; less is more, and quality relationships over quantity. I only work with people who aren't looking for me to save them, I will show you your blind spots and we'll adventure together, but the 'work' is yours to do. I love to host one to one sessions, VIP Accelerator Days & Mini Retreats; self actualisation gets to be FUN and profound. If you want to meet and fall in love with your wild and true self, fill in the form below today!

Emotional & Energetic Splinter Extraction. 

Working with me one to one is perfect for you if...


..... you have inadvertently fallen into an independence trap.

I imagine that for the most part you feel like you have your shit together but... you're just not able to trust anyone but yourself. You have trouble receiving: attention, compliments, money, love, affection, support and acts of service.... without offering something of yourself in return. You might call this service, but the truth is that you're hustling rather than magnetising.

Without doing you find yourself feeling stuck, full of tension, overwhelmed, disconnected from your body, from pleasure and from your internal world. Although well versed in the feminine, you get stuck in go-mode and in your head.

Somewhere there is an energetic, or emotional splinter that is inflamed and causing all sorts of imbalances as it tries to get your attention. My job is to help you locate it and safely, consensually, remove it so that the old wound may properly heal itself and you can now properly flourish and thrive.

Accelerated Adventure + Magnetised Money + Catalysed Connection


On the other side of our journey together is a place where you feel fully empowered, are grounded and present in your body and are able to experience the true pleasures of intimate relating.

A place where you love both your ego and your soul self, and can move between them at will. You know yourself well enough to articulate your needs & get them met healthily.

A place where you have access to a way of living that allows you to be fully and authentically expressed, confident in who you are and able to share your specific medicine with the world, professionally and personally in the exact right ratios for you.

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Alchemy Accelerated™

Recognise, distill, purify, process, purge, heal, replenish and fortify your unique medicine.

Imagine what is possible once you have your own unique user manual

Mixing many methods from Human Design, Tantric Numerology, Jungian Typology, and ancient Archetypes, to mindful intuitive Embodied Energy Activation techniques... we'll work through processes and practices that will leave you knowing yourself at the most intimate of levels.

Your Alchemy Accelerated experience might include:


  • A carefully curated experience, including time together and time alone for you to integrate and rebirth. (We can work in person at my place in Spain, one day a month I'm in England, or we can work virtually, by creating a tethered retreat space together.)
  • Your own exclusive Manual Of Me®️.
  • Access to The Fundamentals or The M2M Vault
  • Access to The True Self Training +/or The power Pack
  • Unlimited access to me via Whatsapp / Telegram for one month
  • Creation of your Personal Manifesto
  • Elicitation of your Value Filter™ and access to The Value Filter System

Plus a deep exploration of:

  • Value Filtered Living
  • Your beliefs - conscious rewiring and recoding
  • Energetic Alchemy - using the power of choice and embodiment)
  • Emotional Intelligence upgrades
  • Relationship Re-patterning

We will use a mixture and blend of:

  • Tantric Maven Numerology
  • Esoteric Astrology
  • Modern alchemy
  • Multiple Brain Integration,
  • Human design
  • Shadow Work
  • Breath work
  • Embodiment practices
  • Art-medicine
  • And some good old fashioned FUN!
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Make an enquiry about 1:1

All my sessions are by application. Often by referral, please do let me know if you were sent here by a friend. Your experience will be tailored to your exact needs so please do give me as much detail as feels appropriate.

Genuine enquiries only.