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Taste of 'Tales of Alchemy' back catalogue.

🎧 23 min listen

Episode 1: What do I mean by alchemy? What kind of alchemy am I talking about? What alchemy is and isn't.

🎧 43 min listen

Episode 3: Human Design [Part One] Intro to Types, Authority, and Profile.

🎧 31 min listen

Episode 5: Identity Death Real time shares from the void

🎧 19 min listen

Episode 6: Reframing the feminine with self care. When care comes from being instead of doing, something magical happens.

🎧 10 min listen

Episode 8: F*ck The Gaze. Thoughts on being out of alignment and an area that I keep getting stuck, or caught in the stickiness of conditioning and you might be too..

🎧 28 min listen

Episode 9: The Everyday Priestess. In this episode I talk about keeping an apothecary and looking at what you have in your store differently.
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What listeners are saying about Tales of Alchemy.

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I’ve evolved. The woman I am becoming is no less fierce, or powerful but she is softer, gooier, cuter and I am surprisingly really okay with that. Tales of Alchemy is me sharing what makes me less crunchy and more whole every day.






stay wild, stay true, be more YOU!


xoxo Ebonie

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