Learn how to decode & embody the secret language of the Universe.

You have the power to decode personalised, specific and important messages from Source about your Soul Contract and learn how to embody it with Embodied Numerology.

The Secret Power of Numbers

By learning the numerical language of the Universe, and understanding how Source is always communicating with us we can make the integration of spirit and matter.

Embodied Numerology teaches you to understand the numbers, and how to embody the wisdom of their energetic frequencies so that you may live in alignment with your Soul Blueprint, live an empowered, embodied and fully expressed life! (and share your new found knowledge with others.)

Understanding your purpose, what you are here for, and how best to focus your time and energy can seem overwhelming...

Especially when the mysteries of the universe are so vast and there are seemingly so many complex systems to learn and then interpret; from Astrology to Human Design, learning to unlock every truth could take you a lifetime.

Knowing what to focus your energy, attention and time on is confusing...

  • You spend hours & hours trying to figure out what to focus on, what your gifts are and how all your talents, interests and experiences are supposed to help you fulfil your potential.

  • You do a ton of personal growth work, but you're simply NOT seeing the clarity & fulfilment you desire.

  • You’ve tried ALL SORTS - From tarot readings to enneagram and personality typing, you’ve even dived into the akashic records but even though what you learn helps momentarily, you forget it all after its been explained because these systems are all so complex that you end up even more unsure.

  • You’re so focused on finding the missing puzzle piece that you’re distracted from the wisdom already inside you.

  • You’re not sure another course or program can help you, but you’re ready for REAL answers. You’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you ZERO results.

Embodied Numerology will give you the clarity that you crave.

Don't need to hear anything else? Jump ahead to pricing!

Truth bomb: Your efforts thus far haven’t helped you achieve long term clarity. 

Maybe they’ve given you some great in the moment understanding and relief, but you always forget the information afterwards and somehow backslide into having a million questions and feeling stumped as to what your unique zone of genius really is.

You’re starting to feel disheartened and like maybe you don’t have a ‘thing’ because it’s looking like NOTHING sticks and helps you long term to just ‘know’ exactly what your Soul Contract is really all about. What you are here to learn and experience and share.

I know because I see my clients struggle with this over and over again, which is why I’m so excited to bring you Embodied Numerology, so that you can unlock the secret codes for understanding your Soul lessons, karma, destiny, gifts and life path.

And I’m going to show you how to retain the information so that it becomes a part of your life. You'll not only implement it in your own life, but be able to share it with others and help them too!


Hello, I’m Ebonie Allard
(aka The Priestess of Alchemy)

I help mystical misfits like you live a life of true freedom and easeful belonging using a combination of coaching, education and transformative experiences.

I spent much of my life believing that I had to choose; that I could be free to be myself and never truly belong, OR I could belong, but I’d never get to be fully myself.

The truth is that when we face and embrace our shadows, when we are willing to go deep with ourselves, not abandon or betray ourselves, we get to be empowered, embodied and fully expressed - which are the real keys to internal and external freedom and belonging AT THE SAME TIME.

Embodied Numerology combines Tantric Numerology, Priestess Wisdom and Everyday Embodiment Practices; giving you everything you need to trust yourself, be yourself and share of yourself for the greatest and highest good of all.

Because you know what happens when you finally know how to be yourself and live out your Soul Contract with ease?

  • You wake up every morning EXCITED to make your art and share your fullest, wackiest FULL self with the world. Because you know exactly how being YOU is of service to the world.

  • The abundance and prosperity that you desire comes flooding into your life with ease because you finally feel the way you WANT to feel because you’re finally confident that being 100% yourself is best for EVERYONE!

  • You have more time and energy, more creativity and more FUN now that you’re not STRESSING about whether you are on the right track in life and or business.

Imagine Being Able To Get There By Decoding The Secret Language Of The Universe, Finding Daily Messages That Are Hidden In Plain Sight And Being Able To Share This Knowledge With The People You Care About So That They Can Experience This Too.

So how is this gonna go down?

What do you get?


Seven 60-minute drip fed over two months. These masterclasses are PACKED with richness and depth, so that you have everything you need to fully embody the wisdom of the numbers and the energies that they pertain to.

The first month, you will have access to:

  • Class 1: Where Numerology came from, The Gurus & their stories, Why it’s so important, how the Universe works on a numerological structure.
  • Class 2-4: The energy and vibration of each of the numbers 1-11

The second month, you'll take what you've learnt and apply it:

  • Class 5+6: How to calculate and read a chart
  • Class 7: How to use and embody the numbers personally and professionally.

Bonus class. Embodying the frequency & vibration of the number / energy


Lifetime access to the program and any updates. I am always learning and upgrading my knowledge and application - if you sign up for Embodied Numerology today you’ll get exclusive access to any and all additional updates I make to this program for life!

Value of these alone? £1998

AND, if you sign up right now, you’ll get access to 2 of my other Embodied Alchemy Track trainings totally free!


True Self Training: (valued at £44!) This training will help you return to your ‘True Self’ and act from a place of maturity and wisdom even when you have been triggered or find yourself acting from a place of rebellion or shame.

  • The training and framework is the exact framework that I still use when I find myself hurt, confused, stuck or acting from a place of REACTION rather than RESPONSE.

The Power Pack:(valued at £88!) 6 meditations, 4 workbooks, you'll learn how to access powerful states of consciousness, feel powerful and at home in your skin whenever you feel like you have leaked too much of your personal power away.

  • I still use these meditations and the practices regularly in my daily life in order to reclaim & recalibrate my energy.





In 2022 I will be changing things up and adding a couple of classes. The price will be going back to £666 soon, but if you sign up NOW you'll get access to everything at todays' price!

This offer is only valid for a limited time only. I will increase the price when I add new information and advanced training on using the numbers in your Alchemy practice.

One Time Payment


Lifetime access at this price even if I add more training

One Time Payment

Staggered Payment


Break it up with half now + the rest in a month

£222 today

What happens if you press the button?

Here’s what happens after you clickety-click one of those magical buttons!

  • You'll be taken to the checkout page of your preferred payment option! You’ll choose your adventure with any major credit card to complete your enrollment.

  • Shortly after that, you will receive another email on how to login and access Maven Numerology, True Self Training, and The Power Pack. All under one account (if you don't already have an account, you will be prompted to create one).

  • Details of our live monthly community calls will be sent to you - so that you can ask any questions you may have.

  • You’ll start playing immediately, diving into the first month's classes at your leisure. A month later, you'll automatically get access to classes 5, 6, and 7, where you learn to implement and embody your knowledge.


New Classes will be added in 2022

Ebonie Allard
is a Master coach, a Priestess and a Magical Maven who helps BIG hearted, creative, highly sensitive Misfits overcome self doubt and make friends with fear so they can achieve true freedom and real belonging for themselves and everyone else they come into contact with.

She’s passionate about supporting the misfits and those that see the world differently because she knows firsthand the struggle of not having a place or people that feel like home! She’s helped 1000’s of clients find a connection with the divine and themselves, reveal their unique superpowers, become more confident so that they can purposefully release their creativity and their wisdom into the world while also experiencing more time and personal freedom than they ever dreamed possible.

She’s gone from bottling up her wild and true nature to being an unapologetic alchemist. She’s gone from homeless and helpless to living a rich, real and raw life of adventure, and embodied empowerment in sunny Spain.

Now, she’s helping Mystic Misfits like YOU do all of that at a fraction of the cost of hiring her one-on-one with her programs like Embodied Numerology!

When she’s not teaching or coaching, you can find Ebonie sunning herself on the beach, or by her pool, making art or curled up on the sofa watching reruns of BONES or GREY'S ANATOMY. Yep, she’s a cool, real person (just like you).

Maven Numerology

You’ll learn the history of numerology, the energy of the numbers, and how to read and interpret this information both in birth charts and in daily communication from Source.

  • If you’ve ever wondered what your Soul is here to learn, or what your gifts are, if you have ever wished your destiny were clear to you or that there was a path laid out for you, you're going to LOVE this numerology course!

  • If you’re looking for a way to connect with your body, while learning Numerology - this is the course for you!

  • If you feel like there should be a simple way to understand yourself and your clients, family, friends and loved ones better, you’re right! There is!

  • If you’re looking for a spiritual, embodied way to connect with Source, you’ll LOVE Maven Numerology!

  • If you enjoy learning more about yourself and want a simple yet powerful way to decode both yours and other people’s soul contracts - this is for you!

The Priestess I trained with taught this forgotten language to me, and now I am going to pass it on to you (with my own Alchemical Maven spin!)