The Kismet Codes®️

Universal + Genetic Evolutionary Code

The Kismet Codes®️ offer reclamation of your unique physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potent power. 

This deck synthesises the 64 Human Design Gates, 64 Hexagrams of the i-ching (the book of changes) and the 64 codons of our DNA - which connect the logic of our bodies with the magic of the cosmos via archetypes and the neutrinos in our cells.


Each of us is coded with our kismet and connected with the universe.

Explore the science and magic of your connection with this innovative and imaginative deck. 

  • 64 Cards
  • 200 Page Guide Book 
  • Audio guide including  embodiment exercises

The elusive guide to life, love and prosperity that you have been searching for…

The 64 codes link to the Human Design Gates, which correlate with the 64 Hexagrams, which are also detailed in the Gene Keys, and are a synthesis of spirit, science and practical wisdom to help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself and your true potential.

They detail the 64 codons of our DNA - which connect our beautiful bodies with the incredible cosmos and the logic of magic on a cellular level, via the neutrinos in our cells.

The 64 keys run parallel to the 64 hexagrams of the i-Ching, an ancient divination text whose name translates as 'The Book of Changes' - or as I like to think of it 'The Book of Evolution' which tells of 64 dynamic combinations of yin + yang, the elemental forces which govern the universe.

These cards decipher the complexity detailed in Human Design, the i-ching, the Gene Keys and your body's energetic mechanics, via illustration, affirmations, embodiment practices and easily digestible wisdom.

The way I relate these ancient and modern mechanics reveals in simple, practical, relatable terms the specifics of how stardust lives in flesh, bone, character and personality.

Through this Kismet Codes®️ Oracle Deck you'll discover coded magic and messages from Source, detailing everything you are here to be, do & experience in life so that you may get on with the joy of living it.

Each card has been lovingly hand illustrated by me.

Infused with the essence of its code. Each card also shows the number of the gate, or key, its astrological sign, and an affirmation. 

Each card is a little world.

110x110mm, round in shape, printed in full colour on 400gsm art paper, matte lamination & a gold edge. 

Guidebook and an audio guide.

The 129x129mm square guidebook is printed on luxe  120gsm matte art paper and gives detailed information on the codes and their correlations.

You'll also get access to an online portal of 64 audios including embodiment experiments.

The Kismet Codes Oracle Deck is now in production!

If you order now, you'll receive yours early June 2024

Detailing all 64 codes, their correlations. affirmations and an embodiment practice.

These cards can be used to divine information from the universe as you would any oracle or tarot deck, or as a learning aid for those exploring the Human Design Gates, The 64 Hexagrams or the Gene Keys.

You can use them as flashcards to see your gates laid out in front of you, read them as we transit the gates over the course of the year, or gift them to your clients as they begin their own Human Design alignment experiment.

Wholesale pricing available on multiples of 16.

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