Misfit to Maven:

The Fundamentals 

Step Off The Unconscious Treadmill of Conventional Life.


✨Unlock Your Unstoppable, Unapologetic Self

with The Ultimate Self-Actualisation Experience 

• Are you tired of feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and disconnected from your true self?


• Do you crave a life of freedom, belonging, and unapologetic self-expression?


• Do you long for someone to give you the 'secret sauce' or 'missing ingredient' that you're missing, that once you 'get' everything will finally fall into place?


If so, get ready for the journey of a lifetime – a journey into self-awareness, self-authority, and sovereignty.


What does it look like?


This groundbreaking course goes beyond traditional workbooks and videos. It's a modern-day initiation, a magical journey into your psyche, and a transformative experience that will leave you feeling truly empowered.
Through boundary work, shadow work, mindset work, and mBraining, you'll embark on a unique, unconventional path towards a life of abundance, purpose, and prosperity.


If you accept the call you'll:
  • Discover your unique recipe for success
  • Develop the confidence and courage to live life on your terms
  • Create meaningful connections with yourself and others
  • Cultivate a healthy work-life balance and work smarter, not harder
  • Infuse intellect, feelings, and identity work for a holistic approach to personal growth

This is where you get to choose if you can or if you can't. It's where you get to decide how the story of your life pans out.

Who is it for?

It's for you if you are kickass and kind. If you want to be the best version of yourself you can be. If you want to understand yourself more deeply so that you might be a better parent, partner or person. If you get that you are probably the problem, and want to change your life without changing who you are...


This life-changing program is perfect for:

  • Creatives and complex individuals seeking clarity and direction

  • Those feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or disconnected

  • Neurodiverse individuals who don't fit the "normal" mould

  • You, if you want to be successful while being honest, kind, and courageous!


*We cover stuff that is particularly helpful if you are a freelancer, maker, or consultant, have your own business or want to. (If you have a job, the content is still 100% relevant, because what we cover isn't about business, it's about communication, clarity and negotiation, which is necessary everywhere.)

Phase One is where we shift your consciousness.




You'll go from NUMB to HOPEFUL.



You'll go from CONFUSION to CLARITY

Then comes the Purge, REFRAME OR LET GO part...

Where I'll help you to OVERCOME LIMITING BELIEFS so that you'll move from feeling BURDENED to OPEN

Phase Two is where you take the correct amount of responsibility


You'll learn how to:




You'll OPT OUT OF THE DRAMA, SET EFFECTIVE BOUNDARIES and move from feeling like the VICTIM to being EMPOWERED.


You'll IDENTIFY POWER LEAKS and graduate from FIGHTING to FLOW.

And then as you choose a new orientation and step into your new reality...

You'll start to truly Appreciate Yo' Self

LEAN INTO YOUR NEW IDENTITY and go from INVISIBLE to powerfully and lovingly SEEN

You'll Integrate your new Identity, OWN ALL OF YOUR PARTS you'll go from FRAGMENTED to WHOLE.

You'll find your self living in full expression



*If you didn't watch the video, scroll back up to watch...

Thousands of kickass, kind, non-conventional misfits have endorsed our program and experienced life-changing results. Join the ranks of the self-actualised and become a lighthouse for those around you, positively impacting your partner, kids, parents, clients, and more.

I get it...

you've tried self-development programs before, and you're hesitant to dive into another. But here's the deal: this course is different. It's a transformative journey that delves deep into your psyche, empowering you to create lasting change.

No more surface-level fixes. We're talking real growth, genuine confidence, and the courage to embrace your true potential.

Join the countless misfits who've already transformed their lives. You deserve this. You are not more unique or broken, this will work for you! (I have been where you are, and I have got your back.)

So take the leap, trust the process, and get ready for a life of freedom, belonging and full self-expression.

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Ready to embark on your journey to self-actualisation?

Check out the options below and take the first step towards becoming the confident, unstoppable version of yourself.

Misfit to Maven Lifetime Access


Pay in Full

  • Comprehensive Misfit to Maven Journey Map & Playbook: Achieve self-mastery and an extraordinary life with step-by-step guidance

  • Master the Value Filter Process: Confidently make decisions aligned with your purpose, using a proven method for creating your personal North Star

  • Transformative 8-Pillar Practice: Establish a rock-solid foundation that supports all aspects of your life, from personal to professional

  • Engaging Video Lessons & Workbooks: Gain laser-focused clarity and direction, with tangible tools and strategies for success

  • Exclusive Deep Dive Vault: Access next-level trainings and guides to unlock your full potential and live a non-conventional, fully expressed, fulfilling life

Hell YES!

Split the Cost

£80 per month

Payment Plan spread over 10 months

  • Comprehensive Misfit to Maven Journey Map & Playbook: Unlock your path to self-mastery and an extraordinary life with actionable guidance

  • 'Your Compass' The Value Filter: Craft your personal North Star, confidently navigating decisions aligned with your core purpose

  • The 8 Pillars of Practice: Establish a robust foundation to cultivate and support your extraordinary life journey

  • Accessible Video Lessons & Workbooks: Obtain clear insights into your current state and actionable steps to reach your desired destination

  • Exclusive Deep Dive Vault: Dive into advanced trainings and resources to master self-authority and embrace a non-conventional, fully expressed, fulfilling life

I'm IN!

VIP Option


Incl 8 x 1:1 sessions with Ebonie

  • Everything from Misfit to Maven PLUS:
  • 8 Personalised 1:1 Zoom Sessions: Supercharge your transformation with direct guidance and support from me, tailored to your unique needs. Experience the highest level of value as we dive deep into your journey, breaking through barriers and accelerating your progress towards an extraordinary life within a year.


The Fundamentals comes as a self-study stand-alone, and includes access to our monthly community call for coaching and questions... (The first Tuesday of the month, you can drop in and get coached by me, or ask me anything.)

AND, if you want a more supported experience, you can 1:1 support from me, or you'll be offered the opportunity to add on The Maven Haven.

tell me about The MAVEN HAVEN

Imagine going from struggling to look in the mirror...To feeling deep love, affection, and pride for who you are.


Imagine going from never having enough time, or money and constantly feeling busy and overwhelmed, to having a life of spaciousness, freedom, and ease, where you are acknowledged and appreciated.


It's time to finally choose you, to embrace your uniqueness, find your purpose, and live a life that makes you truly happy!


The time for change is now. Will you say yes?