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7. Digital Products - no right to cancel or ask for a refund once downloading starts

7.1 When you buy a digital product from me:

7.1.1 you have no right to cancel this contract or ask for a refund once you start downloading the product; and

7.1.2 you must read the following statement, agree to it, and tick the relevant box when buying the digital content: ‘I hereby consent to immediate performance of this contract when clicking on the ‘pay now’ button and acknowledge that I will lose my right of withdrawal from the contract or to ask for a refund once the download of the digital content has begun’.

7.1.3 If you are a consumer, you have certain legal rights, including that the digital products are of satisfactory quality and match their description.

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Universal Laws, a new concept for me, but WOW! This knowledge has really helped me to tap into my universe and develop a deeper understanding of me and those around me.

Emmeline Kwaan