Misfit to Maven: The Fundamentals REBOOTED 


The rock-solid foundations on which your unique and extraordinary life can finally flourish and thrive.

✨ Less GROW UP - More GLOW UP! ✨

✨ Less GROW UP ✨

✨ More GLOW UP! ✨

The self-actualisation initiation, where you get

to take less responsibility for more reward.

Want to know what stops you from living a life as unique and extraordinary as you are, that feels as good on the inside as it looks on the outside?


Hear me out my misfit pal… 


 because your paradigm is about to get flipped …


     If it was really about working hard, you’d be ‘there’ already… 


        for Misfit's you, the real shadow work is embracing JOY


and activating unshakable SELF -TRUST! 

…Ready for ease, flow and FUN?!


The Misfit to Maven journey will change everything about your life without you needing to change anything about yourself

- if you fully engage in this adventure, side effects include increased emotional, body and spiritual Intelligence + outrageous self-acceptance, all while getting energized by healthy dopamine hits! 

so that...you get to have a life that is equal parts stable AND fun! (and model this to your children so that they do too!)

I know, it sounds too good to be true, but stick with me and I'll explain!

Ten Years of Misfit to Maven!!

When you join before 8th April you'll get access to a LIVE SPRINT and 8 weeks of me going through the content with you!!

Join us!

Here’s the thing, you’ve spent your life believing that it's you who needs to change, but the truth is that you are awesome just the way you are, you’ve just been seeing yourself inaccurately!

For various reasons to do with personality type, operating system, circumstance and situation you have a kind of dysmorphia which means that you haven’t been seeing yourself or life as they actually are. Your operating system is pretty unique, you think in both circles and grids, you seek freedom AND stability, you’re introverted except when you’re not, you kinda hate people, except when you love them…

and while these characteristics might feel contrary they are actually not. 

Imagine for a moment the relief that you’ll feel when you realise that it's not your fault that you haven’t yet seen the personal or professional success that you desire.

You’re not stupid, you’re not lazy, you’re not broken, you are perfect exactly as you are, you’ve just had the wrong map and a dodgy compass! And that is about to change!!


It's been TEN YEARS since I originally curated The 8 Pillars of Practice that make up The Misfit to Maven Way and more than ten years of these tiny shifts being implemented by me and 1000’s of Misfits all over the world.

The places on the map offer you the solid foundation on which I have now rebuilt my life, not just once, but over and over and again… and after my ‘late in life’ diagnosis as a AuDHDer, I finally get why this simple but profound formula works not just for me but for all the Misfit types who are mad-good at what they do but just can’t put their finger on what they’re missing.

The missing pieces are THE FUNDAMENTALS 


This program is not a generic step-by-step blueprint, it is a life-changing perspective shift for magical weirdos: neurospicy, creatives, seekers, healers, space holders & personal development veterans.

Once you have stepped into this new paradigm you’ll no longer need to do more or try harder. In fact, just by stepping over the threshold, and playing the game, you’ll go from ARGH to AHHH overnight.

The truth is that once you realise that being kind is not about caring too much and valuing others isn’t about putting everyone’s needs above your own you’ll let me show you exactly how to recognise your own value and by getting to know yourself, trust yourself and accept yourself, you’ll find clarity, confidence and stability, as well as the freedom and belonging that you so deeply crave.






M2M: The Fundamentals is the 5-degree shift that is the difference between living in constant anxiety that someone is going to catch you trying to crack the safe, to being given the combination and revealing the contents guilt-free. AND, walking away with the cheat codes that put life from here on out into easy mode! 🙀







You’ve spent years believing that there was a ‘secret sauce’ or some kind of ‘hack’ to unlock your unique magic and give you the success you long for… well in a kind of way you were right.


👩‍💼 If you’ve ever secretly wondered why everyone you started your business or career with is seemingly more successful…


🤔 If you have tried the same strategies as everyone else but have always felt like there was something that you weren’t getting…


🤩 If your less qualified peers are more confident in themselves than you and you aren't sure why you can't just claim your brilliance… 


🧐 If you feel like there’s a block, or some kinda self-sabotage pattern that you just need to figure out in order to get ahead…


If you want more freedom, a deep sense of belonging, and unshakable self trust.

THEN…Misfit to Maven: The Fundamentals allows you to let go of the projections and perceptions of who you think you ‘should’ be in order to receive success and embody the bravest, wildest, truest most YOU version of yourself, with ease and flow and grace.







This groundbreaking program goes beyond traditional workbooks and videos. It's a modern-day initiation, a magical journey into your psyche, and a transformative experience that will leave you feeling truly empowered.


You may not want to hear this, but if you’re still reading, there is a chance that like me you are someone for whom the deep, and complex stuff comes naturally. You are passionate and committed to what you do, you might sometimes fall down rabbit holes or go off on tangents, you skip ahead and at times you can miss the basics. It's not your fault, they aren't that obvious and actually often the way other people share fundamental information is BORING, but not when I’m involved! 😀

As someone who only officially discovered that their brain worked differently at the grand old age of 42 (yes really), I worked all of this out the long way around, often creating unnecessary levels of stress to get my dopamine hits, but you don’t have to.

You get to have an adventure, a hero(ine)’s journey with me as your guide!

I recently revamped M2M and soaked it in dopamine for you, you’re welcome)

You get to earn badges, go off on side-quests, discover ‘easter eggs’ and unlock hidden levels.

On this rite-of-passage initiation adventure, you'll discover healthy boundaries, embrace your shadows, upgrade your mindset, and find embodied self-love that'll ground you in your unique, healthy, happy, unconventional life of abundance, purpose, and prosperity.

If you accept the call you'll:

  • Discover your unique recipe for success
  • Develop the confidence and courage to live life on your terms
  • Create meaningful connections with yourself and others
  • Cultivate a healthy work-life balance and work smarter, not harder
  • Infuse your intellect, feelings, and identity for a holistic and complete you, and become so aligned with your soul's desires that you get to watch with curiosity and awe as they are manifest.

This is where you get to choose if you can or if you can't. It's where you get to decide how the story of your life pans out.

Say YES to this adventure and make this new story for yourself, get YOUR COMPASS and YOUR MAP…Say YES to this initiation, and get your personal BLISS POINT of stability and impulsivity…

Say YES and get to go your own way, and change your life without changing who you are…

Misfit to Maven: The Fundamentals is for you if 

  • you want to be the best version of yourself that you can be. 

  • you are willing to choose being happy over being right
  • you want to understand yourself more deeply so that you might be a better parent, partner or person.

This life-changing program is perfect for:

  • Complex, creative and empathic peeps seeking clarity, connection and direction
  • Folk who are or suspect they might be Neurodiverse or 'just' don't fit the mould of "normal"
  • Folk who want to be successful while being honest, kind, and courageous!

NB: The content initiates you into becoming an AWEsome ADULT. Whilst there is content specifically for those who have their own business (or want to) this makes up a small part of the overall journey. 90% of the activities are for everyone regardless of how you want money to flow to you.

Your three-phase initiation


 Phase One is where we shift your consciousness.



You'll go from NUMB to HOPEFUL.



You'll go from CONFUSION to CLARITY

Then comes the Purge, REFRAME OR LET GO part...

Where I'll help you to OVERCOME LIMITING BELIEFS so that you'll move from feeling BURDENED to OPEN

 Phase Two is where you take the correct amount of responsibility

You'll learn how to:




You'll OPT OUT OF THE DRAMA, SET EFFECTIVE BOUNDARIES and move from feeling like the VICTIM to being EMPOWERED.


You'll IDENTIFY POWER LEAKS and graduate from FIGHTING to FLOW.

 And then as you choose a new orientation and step into your new reality...

You'll start to truly Appreciate Yo' Self

LEAN INTO YOUR NEW IDENTITY and go from INVISIBLE to powerfully and lovingly SEEN

You'll Integrate your new Identity, OWN ALL OF YOUR PARTS you'll go from FRAGMENTED to WHOLE.

You'll find your self living in full expression



Choose Your Own Adventure  

The 'Step-by-Step' Maven

£97 x 10

Split the Cost

  • Comprehensive Misfit to Maven Journey Map & Playbook: Unlock your path to self-mastery and an extraordinary life with actionable guidance

  • 'Your Compass' The Value Filter: Craft your personal North Star, confidently navigating decisions aligned with your core purpose

  • The 8 Pillars of Practice: Establish a robust foundation to cultivate and support your extraordinary life journey

  • Accessible Video Lessons & Workbooks: Obtain clear insights into your current state and actionable steps to reach your desired destination

  • Exclusive Deep Dive Vault: Dive into advanced trainings and resources to master self-authority and embrace a non-conventional, fully expressed, fulfilling life

[Plus the option to add on 12 months in The MAVEN HAVEN for community and accountability at 50% off]

I'm IN!

The 'All-In' Maven


Pay in Full

  • Comprehensive Misfit to Maven Journey Map & Playbook: Achieve self-mastery and an extraordinary life with step-by-step guidance

  • Master the Value Filter Process: Confidently make decisions aligned with your purpose, using a proven method for creating your personal North Star

  • Transformative 8-Pillar Practice: Establish a rock-solid foundation that supports all aspects of your life, from personal to professional

  • Engaging Video Lessons & Workbooks: Gain laser-focused clarity and direction, with tangible tools and strategies for success

  • Exclusive Deep Dive Vault: Access next-level trainings and guides to unlock your full potential and live a non-conventional, fully expressed, fulfilling life

    [Plus the MAVEN HAVEN at half off for 12 months offer.]
I'm IN!

The 'Bespoke' Maven


1:1 support with me via Whatsapp for 8 months!

Everything from M2M PLUS:

  • 8 months of WhatsApp access to me for direct questions and support. 
  • A year's access to THE MAVEN HAVEN.
  • Supercharge your transformation with direct guidance and support from me, tailored to your unique needs.
  • Experience the highest level of value as we dive deep into your journey, breaking through barriers and accelerating your progress towards an extraordinary life in less than a year. 


This offer means that you basically get the Fundamentals for £157!!

Voxpass x 8 months = £4444

Maven Haven x 12 months = £396

M2Mf = £997

Total £5837

You save £840

Hell YES!


The Fundamentals comes as a self-study stand-alone, and includes access to our monthly community call for coaching and questions... (The first Tuesday of the month, you can drop in and get coached by me, or ask me anything.)

IF you want a more supported experience, choose the VIP option for 1:1 support from me, or you'll be offered the opportunity to join The Maven Haven. at 50% off for 12 months in support of your journey.

tell me about The MAVEN HAVEN

Choose this adventure and get your compass and your map. 

You’ll be introduced to the 8 Pillars of Practice that make up the Misfit to Maven Way 

And then you’re off!

The concepts, rituals and tasks you’ll be given are what allowed me and thousands of Misfits just like you create a solid, sustainable foundation on which our dreams hold fast!

You can do this work alongside your life over 3 months, 6 months or a year (you choose the pace) and you can go it alone, add in our community where you'll meet awesome people who actually get it, (and get you) or if you are all in, you can get me in your ear along the way!

You'll get lifetime access, which means you can come back to these fundamentals time and again. Any upgrades, add-ons, or live sprints will also be available to you because I mean it when I say that you can never get too much of the fundamentals. 

(Every time I come back to the pillars I still get a new aha!!)

(and yes that means if you are reading this and you did M2M when it was called 80 days to AHHH or M2M365  and want access again, message me.)


Over 1000 kickass, kind, non-conventional Misfits have endorsed this program and experienced life-changing results.


You'll be joining the ranks of proudly self-actualised weirdos and become a lighthouse for those around you, positively impacting your partner, kids, parents, clients, and more. 


This is intergenerational healing as well as a path to more money, more time, and more FUN!

I get it...

you've tried self-development programs before, and you're hesitant to dive into another. But here's the deal: this course is different. It's a transformative journey that delves deep into your psyche, empowering you to create lasting change.

No more surface-level fixes. We're talking real growth, genuine confidence, and the courage to embrace your true potential.

Join the countless Misfits who've already transformed their lives. You deserve this. You are not more unique or broken, this will work for you! (I have been where you are, and I have got your back.)

Want to talk to me about it? Of course. I want you to feel good about taking this leap, trusting the process, and getting ready for a life of freedom, belonging and full self-expression.

Whatsapp me!