The Sacrosanct Self

Where your connection to Source, becomes Sorcery as you become Sacred to your Self.

Making your life sacred, hallowed, cherished and awe-some is a choice.

This transformation is for you if you are a seeker, a healer, a space holder or a creative who desires to understand yourself and your purpose on a deeper level.

The offers on this track will bring you closer to LOVE, to The Universe and to making your time on earth as a spiritual being having a human experience a thousand times more Sacrosanct.

Your life gets to be a gift. Sometimes this means learning to take back your power, return to your true self, recognise the reflections and assignments that are playing out and alchemise the shit out of the patterns and stories that keep you frustrated or stuck.

This track teaches embodied alchemy.

This Sacrosanct Life Podcast

The podcast where we find reverence in our reality and magic in the mundane. Exploring self actualisation and mysticism from a place of curiosity I ask “what is actually valuable, important, hallowed or sacred to us?”

This podcast is for you if:

• You are a seeker, a creator, a wildly peaceful and yet ambitious liminal being.

• You are a spiritually curious space holder, leader or wellbeing practitioner interested in empowerment, embodiment and full self expression.

• You question who you truly are, and whats really important to you.

• You want to have your worldview stretched and challenged and if you enjoy the place where philosophy and embodied integration meet.

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True Self Training

Learn how to find your true self, trust all parts of yourself, and turn your shadows into gold.

What you'll get:

  • 24 minute audio lesson 
  • The model explained in really simple straight forward language.
  • 4 phases to release the parts of you that are no longer serving, and integrate the long lost gold.
  • Journal prompts & experiments to try out.
I want to access my true self!

The Power Pack

Learn how to activate the energies of Dharma, Metta, Release and Manifest to call back and activate your power!

  • Each one includes a workbook, guided audio instructions, and a meditation.

What you'll get:

Dharma: Get really clear on your purpose. Introduction to the Value Filter™

Metta: Cultivate extra energy, love, joy, and playfulness.

Release: Embrace acceptance and surrender in order to let go of what is no longer serving.

Manifest: Create a clear vision, work through anything that’s blocking you or holding you back, cultivate consistency, and perform a powerful ritual for calling it all to you.

Plus a section of bonus meditations and activations

I call back my POWER now!

Hermetics + Universal Law Uncovered.

If you only get one of my Alchemy Track programmes, make it this one.

Demystifying everything from ancient Hermetic principles used by the original Alchemists, to modern day Universal Law for 5D magic makers, this self study program puts all of the pieces together allowing you to honour your incarnation intentions with ease.

Gimme the secrets of The Universe

Tantric Numerology 


Learn how to decode & embody the secret language of the Universe.

By learning the numerical language of the Universe, and understanding how Source is always communicating with us you can make the integration of spirit and matter.

Embodied Numerology teaches you to understand the numbers, and how to embody the wisdom of their energetic frequencies so that you may live in alignment with your Soul Blueprint.

Decode the secret language of numbers

Coming March 2023.




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