Ep 12 Mother or Martyr: The power of 5 mins peace with Sinead Needham

Season #1

In this week's episode I am speaking with Sinead Needham, an Intuitive Healer who specialises in Womb work, intimacy, desires, and pleasure. We had a deep conversation about the importance of taking a break for yourself when you also have the needs of others to attend to. With insight into what was holding her back in both her body and mind Sinead began to focus on her nervous system and reprioritise her life so that she could start to make sense of her life and flourish.

We discuss in depth:

- the importance of creating pockets of time for herself

- life with PMDD and the impact it can have when people do not understand what is happening with their cycle

- how she decided to choose herself and know that it was ok 

- how not enough people are talking about the impact of ADHD on women and healthy dopamine hits

 - womb clearing

- the importance of discussing our cycles and PMDD with the men in our lives so that they have a true understanding of what is happening


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About Sinead:

Sinead is an Intuitive Healer who specialises in Womb work, intimacy, desires, and pleasure. Sinead came into this work after years of struggling with her periods, emotions, and lack of pleasure in my life. As she started to learn about the womb wisdom that has been lost, she realised that it was all connected to our disconnection from our wombs and the magick that we hold there. Sinead now shares this wisdom with others across a range of different modalities and life phases. Sinead is passionate about getting this knowledge into the hands of young women, so that they can feel empowered transitioning into cyclical life.

Find Sinead's magic here:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sineadthesacredsiren


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