Ep 11 Communion: A Life of Absolute Reciprocity with Louise Carron Harris

Season #1

In this week's episode I am speaking with Louise Carron Harris, a modern day mystic, plant medicine expert and shaman. We have such an important conversation about what having a calling means and how you can still tend to your own needs within that calling and not become a martyr. Louise shares with us how connection is at the core of everything she does and we dig deeper into this in discussing how we can process our generational judgements and be open to those who come after us in this work just as those who came before us did for us. 

We discuss in depth:

- Being in right relationship itself

- maintaining relationships with everything

- being is service to Gaia

- how we can respond to the calling and feel that self is still important

- building relationships with plant medicines

Louise shares with us the joy that she lives in daily and how she achieves that.

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About Louise:

Louise is the author of awakening the western woman and earth chakra shaman, she is a modern day mystic, medicine woman, mentor and teacher of the shamanic path empowering women to show up in their sacred leadership taking their place as new earth leaders. louise works direct with the earths grid, the earth chakras, the energy lines bringing in new codes of activations and upgrades for the new earth.

My medicine comes from my connection with the four elements, the spirit worlds and the mountain spirits, that lead me on callings to sacred sites, waters and earth chakras to activate the Earth’s grid. This is part of the consciousness shift and many are called to do this work.

I am initiated into the Inca Q’ero lineage in Peru. I carry the medicine of the 7 Earth chakras and share this with you through experiences, dance, music activations, healings, meditations, shamanic courses, retreats, and journeys to sacred sites.

I am my medicine, I am here to awaken yours.

Find Louise's magic here:

Website: https://louisecarronharris.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/louisecarronharris/


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