Ep 9 Moving Beyond Co Dependent Coaching with Daire Paddy

Season #1

In this episode I am joined by Daire Paddy who is a life and business coach and also a good friend of mine. We have a deep diving conversation into many aspects of business and life with there being a clear focus on co-dependncy as a coach or Coachee and how we can move through this to create healthy boundaries. We also consider our range of offerings and that people choose to work with us for not what we do but who we are. This is such a juicy conversation and I would love to hear your thoughts about it. 


We discuss in depth:

- How to manage expectations

- Boundaries and how to keep them flexible whilst also being respectful

- How to manage conflict in business

- What are our motivations for being in a coaching relationship

- Can you be happy and right? 

- What success actually means and is it possible to redefine it

- how we can align to our human design

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About Daire: 

Daire is coach or business coach (or life coach for entrepreneurs, depending on the day) who loves to blend the strategic, the energetic and the fun.

Find Daire and all her magic: 

Instagram - @dairepaddy

Website: http://dairepaddy.com

Podcast: https://open.spotify.com/show/23mEb3Mi7kDKsNkpnhNJaN?si=5e41c3e63f7c47b5<https://open.spotify.com/show/23mEb3Mi7kDKsNkpnhNJaN?si=5e41c3e63f7c47b5>

You Tube: http://dairepaddy.com/yt



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