Ep 8 Astrology as a Frame for Faith with Helen MacGregor

Season #1

In this episode I am joined by Helen Grace MacGregor, an author, circle facilitator and soul mentor on a mission to gently empower soulful women to live a life that lights them up so that together we create a brighter world. The main theme of this episode is astrology and we really started looking at using astrology to make what is sacrosanct tangible. We talk about Human Design and the arc of one's life. This episode is more of a conversation than an interview so we invite you to imagine us as you listen to this conversation, drinking, eating and chatting gently.

We discuss in depth:

- How you can use astrology in your life

- The importance of having peace in your life as a creative

- Helping people to understand their hero’s journey

- How we can come back to ourselves

I hope you enjoy this conversation today. If you would like to hear the next part of the conversation you can subscribe to 'Sacrosanct Secrets' my private podcast and hear me dig even deeper with my guests.

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About Helen:
Helen Grace MacGregor is an Author, Circle Facilitator and Soul Mentor on a mission to gently empower soulful womxn to live a life that lights them up, so that together, we create a brighter world. Part scientist/part hippy, Helen Grace is a creative INFP who loves collaborating, co-creating and gathering with courageous, creative souls with beautiful hearts.As a mindfulness guide, Qoya teacher, yoga teacher, transformational bodywork therapist and former tutor at The College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy in London, Helen Grace has spent almost two decades empowering women. Helen Grace is the Author of The Magical Unfolding, creator of the MAGICAL Process, founder of The Magical Life Circle and host of the Turning Point Project podcast under her previous name Helen Rebello. She is currently creating new online and offline sanctuary spaces for soulful women and editing her second book, The Midlife Awakening, sharing her journey back home to her heart, after her life fell apart in 2019. Find Helen and all her magic:

Instagram: @grace.space.soul  
Website: https://www.gracespacesoul.com/


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