Ep 6 Personal Growth is a Political Issue with Katie Oman

Season #1

In this episode I am joined by Katie Oman, a passionate women's coach and advocate who focuses on empowerment.  We go deep in this episode talking about whether or not we are actually worshipping at the altar of capitalism and our businesses. We talk about creativity, in terms of spirituality and how they are connected. We consider what do we actually want? How are we stopping ourselves from being connected to ourselves to each other? This is a powerful episode that demonstrates how two people can sit and explore each others truths and navigate it beautifully.  

We discuss in depth:

  • personal growth as a political issue
  • whether or not we are actually worshipping at the altar of capitalism and our businesses
  • integrity and whether we're really actually embodying our work and our truth
  • self care, and women's work
  • how to work through emotions when triggered

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About Katie: 
Katie Oman is a passionate women’s coach and advocate who focuses on empowerment. Through her programs, mentoring and events she works to help women see how awesome they truly are. She is an author, women’s empowerment coach, spiritual mentor and psychic. She has written several books to date, including Happiness: Make Your Soul Smile (O Books, 2018) 

Find Katie and all her magic at:

Website: https://katieoman.co.uk 

Instagram: https://instagram.com/katieoman1111 



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