Ep 4 What if healing got to be fun? with Zoe K M Foster

Season #1

In this episode I am talking to Zoe Foster about how personal healing can often feel heavy and hard. We talk about how she and I have found ways to make it FUN. We talk about how a more feminine approach to full self expression and embodiment can make personal growth luxurious and playful rather than never ending and painful. 

We discuss:

  • How you can become more true to yourself in a world where have become so disconnected
  • Zoe's unique work that helps people to self express
  • Where you might be holding back and how this impacts self expression
  • Self acceptance vs Self approval
  • The power of fun and giving ourselves permission to play and explore
  • How we can overcome the fear of our limitation

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About Zoe:

Zoë K. M. Foster is on a quest to uncover and rebirth the deep soul of our world. As an artist and writer, she fully embodies this energetic intention to create immersive, profoundly sensual and multi-sensory experiences through her large-scale abstract art, poetry, meditations and reflections.

She is also the creator of SacredExpression™️ Yoga - a playful, whole-body experience involving life-size paper, coloured pastels, sacred geometry and divine feminine immersion to help you tap into your deepest soul messages and integrate them fully into your conscious, everyday evolution!

Zoë’s background in cognitive psychology, linguistics, design and yoga allow her to play with - and hold sacred space for - the many tensions between what we expect, and what actually most needs to be expressed – both personally and collectively.

This is where tantra, embodiment work and cosmic spirituality step in to free us from the shackles of Greek thinking, and what we find there is an unseen space beyond polarities: an infinite spectrum of possibility.

Through her YouTube show, “Core Truths”, Zoë hosts intimate conversations with soul-driven changemakers all playing their part in birthing the new world. She digs down right to the core light of who we are, and what motivates, inspires and drives us as individuals, as humanity and even as an integral player within the universe itself...

Find Zoë and all her magic at:

zoekmfoster.com <http://zoekmfoster.com>

IG/ FB/ Signal / Twitter: @zoekmfoster

zoekmfoster.substack.com <http://zoekmfoster.substack.com> - for all my writing, podcast episodes and more!

Core Truths podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/core-truths-with-zoe-k-m-foster/id1613909625 (and all podcasting platforms)

It’s Written in the Stars first drafts, sneak peeks, readings & more: https://ko-fi.com/zoekmfoster 

 Behind the Paint - get cosy with me in my studio! ‎https://chat.whatsapp.com/Klr7KJHVg6b1K2rj2ntBdG 


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