Ep 1 Tapping into your own inner sacred space with Annemiek Van Helsdingen

Season #1

“When you use this word [Sacrosanct] it calls on me to tap into my inner sacred space and align more and more to the integrity of that energy.”

In this beautiful first episode with Annemiek I find my feet with the new podcast format and we talk about this word 'Sacrosanct' what it evokes in us and how it felt in our bodies to receive it.

We discuss:

  • Sacred Mayonnaise
  • How tapping into the precious essence at the heart of our lives unlocks deep connection to meaning and purpose and how your career doesn’t have to be spiritual in order to access that.
  • Why we’re both ‘anti’ being hired to empower people (and the real implications of empowerment, sovereignty, self initiation and responsibility.)
  • Being in right relationship with our surroundings and our self
  • What is Sacrosanct in her life right now - how layering the sacred with the every day has become a way of life (something she learned from a mentor of hers Lindsay Pera)
  • What the pandemic has made sacrosanct for her
  • How this podcast and the art of conversation is doing its part to dismantle Capitalism and allowing us to create something else extraction culture and consumer awareness.

I hope you enjoy this conversation today. If you would like to hear the next part of the conversation you can subscribe to 'Sacrosanct Secrets' my private podcast and hear me dig even deeper with my guests.

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All about Annemiek:

Annemiek van Helsdingen is the Founder of the Academy for Soul-based Coaching, where she and her team offer coach training that is 100% aligned with the Sacred Feminine ~ deeply powerful, magical and rooted in rigorous methodologies for powerful results. Annemiek and her team have been teaching coaches live online for 5 years, with their work rippling out to 1000s of people around the world. Through the academy, Annemiek helps healers and coaches develop coaching skills that invite deep, soul-based change with practical results. Think: spiritual ‘midwives’ that help people make the changes that are led by their own soul-knowing instead of taking on outside perspectives through imitation.

Annemiek graduated from the University of Twente (NL) in business engineering and business administration. She is a clean language & symbolic modelling trainer and assessor as well as a trained priestess who thrives on engaging in deeply embodied inner work by guiding ceremony and holding circle. Annemiek co-founded a successful corporate change agency, breaking the mould of how to help organisations achieve sustainable change. When, yet another health crisis asked for her attention, she was called to bring together 20+ years of corporate change work, executive coaching, and spiritual development. This led to the birth of Soul-based Coaching. Her work has since rippled out to 1000+ students and coaching clients in over 20 countries worldwide.

She is happily married to her down-to-earth husband, and they enjoy life together with their amazing child. Annemiek is also a longstanding member of Amnesty International, the World Wildlife Fund, TreeSisters, and KIVA. Helping people step into the life they came here for, to build a better world by sharing their gifts, goes hand-in-hand with advocating social justice and human rights, supporting democracy where possible, and helping people become aware of. Annemiek dreams of leaving a world that can be enjoyed by the next seven generations.

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