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Mifit to Maven Extended Report

Misfit to Maven EMBODY YOUR DESIGN™ - Extended Deep Dive. 

This is where we look deeper than in your free report. 

You'll learn more about:

+ Type, Strategy, Authority.
+ Profile & Lines
+ Centres 
+ Definition (Splits)
+ Energy Flow

You'll come to understand how your energy is designed to flow for more vitality, alignment, freedom and belonging.

Type, Strategy, AuthorityYou'll get a play-by-play detailing every important thing about your energetic type and how your aura is designed to interact for self-actualisation, maximum potential & fulfilment.

Profile & Lines:
Help you to understand how you’re designed to play out your role in relation to life. You'll get life-changing insight into your personality and discover the disparity between the you in your mind, and the you that the world sees. 

You'll learn about how to activate your magnetise and your wisdom.

Helps you to understand how your energy wants to flow in order to best process - Do you need others to help connect all of your parts? Do you need more time to process life or can you do it instantaneously?

This report includes a  beautifully written and hand-crafted PDF. 

You have the option to upgrade and get an audio reading from me too. The total for both is £222. The report will be delivered immediately. The reading will be with you within 7 days.