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Energy Centre Wisdom.

EMBODY YOUR DESIGN™ - Glow Up Guide to Centres

+ You'll learn more about the 9 Human Design Energy Centres 

You'll come to understand the core competency of each centre and how to align with your and anyone else's defined or undefined energy centres.

Centres help you to understand what you can rely on and what might make you wobble or give your power away.

Really embodying the clarity and wisdom of your centres is LIFE CHANGING and blows all theoretic information about boundaries and influence out of the water.

You'll learn about how to activate your magnetise and your wisdom.

 This report includes a beautifully written and hand-crafted PDF and codings (audios recorded by me) about each one for you to listen to to decondition and alchemise your 9 centres and come to understand your loved ones, family, friends and peers.

The glow up guide will be delivered immediately. The codings will be added in January 2024 - you are getting a super earlybird presale price.