Misfit to Maven™

Is my signature program, the title of my book and the journey I have lived.

My journey from Misfit to Maven hasn't been linear and yours needn't be either. There's something for everyone on my M2M pathway.

If you're an all in kinda person, I vote go for the 'Everything M2M' bundle. If you are cautious and like to get to know a person slowly before you commit, I recommend that you begin with the totally free Plentiful Life Playbook that will show you what the journey looks like and what you can expect if you take a leap of faith and choose to embrace your shadows and step fully into a Soul Led and Plentiful Life!

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The Plentiful Life Playbook (freebie)

Discover the exact things you need to do in order to live a fully expressed, unconventional, rich & purposeful life, full of joy and freedom.

You’ll learn:

  • The journey that every successful, sovereign Misfit goes on in order to find clarity, stability, and confidence so that you can short-cut the learning curve.
  • The mistakes and obstacles that keep 90% of people stuck tied to mainstream life; overworking, over-giving, and under receiving (and how to overcome them.)
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Misfit to Maven (Book)

If you are a Creative, Innovator, Healer, Mystic or Activist who wants to live a 360-degree life where there is space and time to work, rest and play Misfit to Maven is for you.

The pages of this book will give you...

  • Confidence in your choices, knowing with certainty what is right for you.
  • More time, money and confidence so that you can live to your greatest potential NOW.
  • Creative freedom AND financial stability (because they don't have to be mutually exclusive
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The Value Filter™

Your Value Filter reveals your true purpose in life.

  • It gives you clarity and a deep understanding of what really drives you enabling you to make the right decisions quickly, and with ease.
  • It's your own personal internal compass, guiding you back to your unique True North.
  • Its a healing tool, and the most valuable diagnostic tool you'll ever find.
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Misfit to Maven: The Fundamentals

Over the last eight years this program has had many names and formats. The very first time I launched it, way back in 2014 before my book was published, I Initially I called it "80 days to Ahhh." 

The principles have remained the same, the content has been continually deepened and iterated so that while useful for business owners its really centred around the internal and external work of the 8 Pillars of Practice that make up The Misfit to Maven Way.

I am reworking it for 2022 so that it includes everything you could possibly need to become Maven & fall head over heels in love with your life.

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