A Devotional Embodying of


Fire & Flow


“When they put us in the fire they lost control of magic, when we put ourselves in the fire, alchemy is born.” 

Ebonie Allard

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The elements offer sanctity and in them we realise that we are of them.

In fire and water we find our edges, our desire and our ambition.

In earth and air our safety and our capacity to receive.

"Sacrosanct" is a place of training, development, and initiation for Priestesses, Shamanic, Modern Mystics and Medicine Women.

It is a place to unify and layer both discipline and devotion and learn more about yourself and the universe within and without so that you may become a more loving, accepting and prosperous leader, lover, healer, parent or partner.

Its a place to deepen your spiritual wisdom, but also your human experience and become the medicine needed by your lineage, your clients, yourself and the world.

Term by term we will move through the elements learning and experiencing ourselves, our work and our relationships through the lens of Astrology, Universal Archetypes, Elemental Shamanism, Spiritual Alchemy, Tantric Numerology, Human Design, Somatic Experiencing and Applied Neurology.

The program can be engaged with term by term (element by element) or as a whole program.

There are incentives and rewards for those committing to the complete experience.

(Including but not limited to a module on NFT's, crypto and DAO's and the first 4 people to sign up will get the program as an NFT so that they can hold or resell.)

Investment starts at £888 a term, or £4400 if joining the whole experience, plus there is an option to upgrade to VIP.

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