Fire & flow


“When they put us in the fire they lost control of magic, when we put ourselves in the fire, alchemy is born.” 

Ebonie Allard

I stand before you, as your Priestess, inviting you to walk into the FIRE.

FIRE gives us permission.

FIRE provides us all that we need to be all that we are.

FIRE is the heart of global community.

FIRE illuminates our world, and alchemises our pain.

It transforms that pain into magic. Over the next 12 months, your individual brand of magic will be wielded to create everything your unconventional heart desires to be, do and have. Without shame, without guilt, without burnout.

This is NOT for the faint of heart. I will stoke the flames of alchemy as you lean into the darkness, the heat, the sweat, blood, tears and juice of womanhood. And when I am through with you, you will rise as your own Guru, your own teacher, your own master healer.

Become Your Own Guru

When they put us in the fire, they lost control of the magic…” And we all suffered. The glowing embers signaled the quenching of our spark. In it’s shadow lay the abuse of power and control. Never ending hustle, high maintenance, status quo, all or nothing, boom or bust.

When was the last time you had permission to roar?

In Fire & Flow, you have full permission to explore the request, demand and dynamics of being a FIREY woman. A woman who gets down and dirty with Gaia. A charismatic woman who knows how to live a turned on life, driven by everything that sparks her bliss and a deep understanding of how to harness her ritual and power for the good of all humanity.

This immersive transformation experience is made up of a mixture of healing, teaching and coaching.

We’re going to reclaim magic, we’re going to reclaim the fire and flow.

As we dance in the fire with Shakti, Kali, Sekhemet, Ishtar, Hecate, Innana, Morrigan, Frigg, Minerva, Venus, Blackmoon Lilith; you’ll find your own perfect blend of Goddess, Priestess, Queen, Matriach, and Creatrix.

Reclaim The Magic

This opportunity is for a handpicked circle of women, who desire to come together and pioneer incredible change, without the constraints of being branded too intense, too intimidating or too much.

This is how they continue to put us in the fire. As you walk through it yourself, with the support of me and your sisters, you will remember who you are, you will remember how powerful you are, you will burn down ALL that holds you back and you will fuel everyone around you.

All you come into contact with will flourish.

Over one year you will master yourself fully and completely. You will heal. You will learn how to cultivate, control and make the most of your physical and divine selves so that you get to experience true freedom. You will cultivate true self love - the kind where you are self attentive and tend to yourself in such a way that you have incredible capacity for others without it making a dent in your energy.

Over 12 months in Fire & Flow you will receive:

1 x Welcome Gift & Call (Value: £666)

6 hours 1:1 with Ebonie - 90 mins per quarter (Value: £5328)

12 months Unlimited Email and Whatsapp support from Ebonie (Value: £10,656)

24 x group coaching / circle calls - 1 Hotseat each per quarter (Value: £21,312)

12 x skills session and training with Ebonie and guests (Value: £3600)

2 x 90 min Psycho-Spiritual Embodiment session with Alain Allard (Value: £520)

Astrological Reading (Value: £222)

Numerology Reading (Value: £222)

The M2M Value Filter Masterclass (Value: £47)

Total Value: £42,482


By invitation only. Payment plans available on request.

Request An Invitation

Your trainings will cover:

Archetypes (We will explore a range of mythical, and analytical characters and personas.)

Elements (We'll get an understanding from a range of perspectives & philosophies.)

Consciousness & Enlightenment (We'll learn about states, energy & alchemy.)

Cycles (We'll cover working with ours, natures, and touch on death & rebirth)

Legacy (Including Storytelling, Ancestry and intergenerational connection.)

Capacity (Exploration of our scope as Human & Divine beings.)

Universal Law (Numerology, Universal Law & incarnation intentions.)

Magic (We'll look at invocation, spells, ritual, and ceremony.)

Shadows and Light (You'll learn about shadow work & light work.)

Embodiment (We'll cover body wisdom, and how to use our human vessel well.)

This is unlike anything I have ever offered before.

This is all that I am, leading you to become all that you are.

We will create within you total awareness and ability to harness the mysteries of the universe.

We will play with chaos and kismet and harness our superpowers.

Superpowers that inspire the world.

Trust Your Fire

Trust Your Flow

Trust Yourself

Walk Into The Fire