Embodied Alchemy™

Modern Mystical Medicine for living in the Aquarian Age.

My journey into Embodied living, and Alchemy hasn't been linear and yours needn't be either. There's something for everyone on my Embodied Alchemy track.

If you're an all in kinda person, I vote go for the 'Everything Alchemy' bundle. If you are cautious and like to get to know a person slowly before you commit, I recommend that you begin with the £5 a month 'Tales of Alchemy' private podcast; where I share an audio scrapbook of my adventures with Alchemy!

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Ebonie Unfiltered: Tales of Alchemy (£5 a month, unsubscribe any time.)

My new podcast takes the form of an audio Scrap book and collection of love notes on alchemising life, and learning to be wild and free in a world that wants to tame us.

Each episode is different, some 3 minutes, some 10, some 45 - all sharing something that I hope will help you alchemise your life and fall back in love with being you.

You can also ask me anything and I will answer it for you in depth as an episode on the podcast.

Episodes include:

  • Alchemy isn't complicated (Where I talk about what makes Alchemy so important right now and some very simple yet profound ways in to everyday Alchemy.)
  • Fuck 'The Gaze' (Thoughts from my brain about being out of alignment and an area that I keep getting caught out, and you might be too.)
  • A mini series on Facilitation and how to be a better Facilitator
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True Self Training

Do you lose yourself?

Do you know which you is your True Self?

Learn how to find your true self, trust all parts of yourself, and turn your shadows into gold.

What you'll get:

  • 24 minute audio lesson
  • The model explained in really simple straight forward language.
  • The 4 phases to release the parts of you that are no longer serving, and integrate the long lost gold.
  • Journal prompts & experiments to try out.
Take back control of your True Self.

The Power Pack

Your Value Filter reveals your true purpose in life.

  • It gives you clarity and a deep understanding of what really drives you enabling you to make the right decisions quickly, and with ease.
  • It's your own personal internal compass, guiding you back to your unique True North.
  • Its a healing tool, and the most valuable diagnostic tool you'll ever find.
Call back your POWER now!

Hermetics + Universal Law Uncovered.

If you only get one of my Alchemy Track programmes, make it this one.

Demystifying everything from ancient Hermetic principles used by the original Alchemists, to modern day Universal Law for 5D magic makers, this self study program puts all of the pieces together allowing you to honour your incarnation intentions with ease.

Learn the secrets of The Universe

Embodied Maven Numerology

Learn how to decode & embody the secret language of the Universe.

By learning the numerical language of the Universe, and understanding how Source is always communicating with us we can make the integration of spirit and matter.

Embodied Numerology teaches you to understand the numbers, and how to embody the wisdom of their energetic frequencies so that you may live in alignment with your Soul Blueprint, live an empowered, embodied and fully expressed life! (and share your new found knowledge with others.)

Includes the opportunity to certify as a Maven Numerologist.

Decode the secret language of numbers

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