The Kismet Codes®️

Deck One - Universal + Genetic Evolutionary Code

The Kismet Codes®️ offer reclamation of your unique physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual potent power. Deck One shares the 64 Human Design Gates, 64 Hexagrams of the i-ching (the book of changes) and the 64 codons of our DNA - which connect our beautiful bodies with the incredible cosmos and the logic of magic on a cellular level, via the neutrinos in our cells.

Each of us is coded with our kismet and connected with the universe. Explore the science and magic of your connection with this innovative and imaginative deck. 

 64 Cards + 228 Page Guide Book 

 The elusive guide to life, love and prosperity that you have been searching for, await you…

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 The images depict mock-ups - the deck will be delivered on May 23rd 2024 

The first Kismet Codes Oracle Deck

Will be delivered in May with a 228-page guidebook. It details all 64 codes, alongside their correlations. Each one comes with an affirmation and an embodiment practice. These cards can be used to divine information from the universe as you would any oracle or tarot deck, or as a learning aid for those exploring the Human Design Gates, The 64 Hexagrams or the Gene Keys. You can use them as flashcards to see your gates laid out in front of you, read them as we transit the gates over the course of the year, or gift them to your clients as they begin their own Human Design alignment experiment.

This deck brings together all of my gifts, my love of science and spirituality, art, science and social learning. If you are learning or sharing Human Design or the Gene Keys these cards will help you retain the information and if you are a deck junkie you'll love their design, illustrations, affirmations and informative guidebook.

This deck is a labour of love for me, and I am bringing everything I have to it. There is nothing else out there that delivers this level of beauty and insight. However, I know that alone I can not support this deck in reaching its full potential, so I am asking for your help.

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