Navigate Your Path to Being Maven by ‘Becoming the compass!’

• Do you wish you had unshakable self trust?


• Do you sometimes look for a more 'adultier adult to make the decsions?


• Are you ready to release self sabotage patterns and stop the cycle of overwhelm, doubt and guilt?

Stop the Cycle, Become the Compass,

Trust your True North. 

LIVE Metamorphosis Event

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The second eclipse is in :









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Live round of Misfit to Maven starts 8th April - 1:00pm UK time 

2pm - 3pm CET 
8am - 9am EDT 
5am - 6am PST

A celebration of 10 Years of Misfit to Maven: The Fundamentals, with 2 events.

This free immersion experience is an opportunity to discover more about my signature program, but its also just an opportunity to step through the eclipse window with intention, letting go of your self-sabotage patterns or any identities that are no longer serving you. Release self-doubt, step into self trust and unshakable inner leadership. Be your own true north and release yourself and your family from the cycles of not-enoughness, insecurity and 'hard work'.


Libra Full Moon. Penumbral Eclipse.

A Portal for Healing. 

This free class/experience is an opportunity for you to become a wise wayfinder.


Over 90 mins you will release self doubt, and any old limiting identities and step through the eclipse portal into mature, grounded, inner leadership. You'll come on an inner adventure to equanimity, clarity and FUN!

Let me take you on a journey to reclaim your innate knowing and unshakable self-trust!


✨ Claim the tools to transform your “anomaly experience” into a tool for generation healing.


🧭 Become the compass, by activating your inner 'True North'


🩶 Heal the porous boundaries that lead you to be manipulated, or find yourself overgiving to burnout and learn to model kickass and kind boundaries instead.


**The second event (The Value Filter Masterclass live) is 28th March at 2pm UK time 

Everyone who has ever purchased The VF Masterclass or M2Mf is invited to attend.

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