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"Rawr Majesty"

Find your wild and untameable primal power. 

Activate your inner sovereign with this regal piece. 

Alchemise your sun self with deeper levels of leonine love and ground into your guttural growl.

Limited Edition 16" x 20" sized Art Prints, unframed and framed options. (Only 25 prints available) Each piece comes with a unique and personalised reading, ritual and or poem to alchemise your energy and activate the medicine you require.

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"Feathered Friends"

Calling in sacred sisterhood and next level friendship with ease and grace.


Limited edition 16" x 20" Art Prints, framed and unframed options. (Only 25 prints available) Comes with a ritual and prayer to call in the sisterhood you desire.

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"Oooooh Sometimes"

Oh, sometimes I get a good feeling, yeah
Get a feeling that I never, never, never, never had before, no, no
I get a good feeling, yeah

When you feel like life is taking you round in circles in a perpetual loop or down seemingly dead ends, remember that you can flip the script and dance your way into a new reality!

"Sometimes" is a prayer to opportunity and limitlessness.

Try not to dance to this. Stay grey. Stay in a low vibe place - I challenge you.

Limited edition A2 sized Art prints, (custom sizing available.)  Framed and unframed options. (Only 25 available.) 

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I dance with fear and I celebrate my beautiful fierceness. 

Always enough and never too much. With this piece you get to embrace your range. You get to claim your joy and your power.

Be Unafraid.

Limited edition 16" x 20" Art Prints. (Custom sizing available) Framed and unframed options. (Only 24 prints remaining.)

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Let the night and the ocean hold you. Surrender. Be held.

 Limited edition 18 x 24" Art prints, framed and unframed options. (Also available in A4 and A3.)

(Only 25 available.) Comes with a personalised amulet.

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