What is Alchemical Art?

My Art is channeled and each piece is infused with healing codes .

Each piece is made in a ritualised way, channeling codes and frequencies for your healing and transmutation.

Each offers a totem or altar to the transformation or upgrade you desire in your life.

I make my Alchemical Art pieces once a month over the full moon (on my bleed) and their healing and power to assist you in manifesting your desired reality never ceases to stop amazing me!

I open myself up to Source and request that I may download the images and frequencies needed for healing and transformation.

Alchemy is the process of transmuting, purifying, refining and fortifying the energy and elements of something, so that it may become a powerful medicine.

We all contain the exact ingredients and information required to fulfil our own unique soul blueprint.

Those ingredients may need activating or stirring to create your own unique medicine or transformation tonic.

My Alchemical Art helps you to reconnect with the lost or forgotten parts of yourself, catalysing and galvanising the extraordinary and magical properties already contained within you.

These pieces are created to shift the state of you and your environment.

Each piece is limited edition.

If you find yourself called to a piece, it might be just the alchemy your soul requires for its next iteration or adventure.

If you want to discuss a payment plan, or a custom commission, message me.

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