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101 Ways to Alchemise right now!

This class is for you if you want clarity on what alchemy is and (and is not) Plus learn 101 things you can do on the daily to alchemise your life!

Just £22 for pure GOLD

True Self Training

Inspired by an Internal Family Systems model, this audio class and set of journaling prompts is for you if you sometimes lose yourself to a controlling and judgey inner critic or a rebellious inner teen who tells you to 'fuck it' when things get too much.

Assist your inner Adult £44

The Power Pack

This bundle of 6 meditations, 4 workbooks and a 15 page PDF explaining the path to enlightenment and how to access powerful states of consciousness will help you feel powerful and at home in your skin whenever you feel like you have leaked too much of your personal power away.

Call back your power now! (£88)

Hermetics + Universal Law Uncovered

If you only get one of my Sacrosanct Self Track programs, make it this one. Demystifying everything from ancient Hermetic principles used by the original Alchemists, to modern day Universal Law for 5D magic makers, this self study program puts all of the pieces together allowing you to honour your incarnation intentions with ease.

Learn the secrets of the universe! (£88)

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Add yourself to the list so as to be sure to get updates, discounts and offers... mostly its musings when I have something new or interesting to share...